John (4) Stubbs

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Brief biography

John (4) Stubbs was born around early 1852 in Manchester to parents Francis (2) Stubbs and his wife Hannah (nee Beech). His GRO birth reference may be [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 164, 1852 (March)]. He was christened at Manchester Cathedral on August 8th 1852 [IGI: Batch C073543].

The 1861 Census finds him aged "10" living with his parents at 11, Cross Court, Greengate in Salford and occupied as an errand-boy.

His future wife was Elizabeth Farrier, born around early 1851 to parents James Farrier and Eliza [Birth Index: Salford 20 1010, 1851 (March) - indexed as "Ferrier"]. She was christened on March 30th 1851 at Manchester Cathedral [IGI: Batch C073543]. Her parents may have been the James Farrier and Eliza Haughton who had married in 1848 [Marriage Index: Manchester 20 496, 1848 (March)] or, less probably, the James Farrier and Eliza Cavanagh who had married on August 16th 1840 at Manchester Cathedral [IGI: Batch M005469 ; Marriage Index: Manchester 20 436, 1840 (Sept)]. The 1851 Census finds Elizabeth aged "1 month" living with her parents at 3, Garden Street in Manchester, and the 1861 Census finds her aged "10" still living with them at the same address. On both occasions her father James was occupied as a weaver.

John (4) married Elizabeth at St. Phillip's Church, Salford in 1870 [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 35, 1870 (March)]. The register describes him as a bachelor and stone polisher aged "19" residing at 15, Sidney Street in Salford, and her as a spinster aged "19" of the same address. His father is described as a baker "Frances" Stubbs, and hers as a smallware weaver James Farrier. John signed his name but Elizabeth merely made her mark. The witnesses were Thomas Chapman and Agnes Walsh, whose connections are unknown.

The 1871 Census apparently finds him with Elizabeth living at 47, Denham Street in St. Simon, Salford and occupied as a stoker in a smallware mill. His birthplace is given, presumably in error, as Nottingham. This was the first census in which his birthplace was supplied by himself rather than by his parents, and he may have assumed he was born in Nottingham like his older siblings.

The 1881 Census finds him living with Elizabeth and two sons at 24, Tatton Street in Salford and occupied as an engine driver. Here his birthplace is given as Manchester.

It is suspected that Elizabeth died aged "34" in 1885 [Death Index: Salford 8d 108, 1885 (Dec)].

Nothing more is currently known of him.

His children by Elizabeth Farrier

  1. John (5) Stubbs - GRO ref probably [Birth Index: Salford 8d 85, 1873 (Sept)]
  2. Francis (3) Stubbs - GRO ref perhaps ("Frank Stubbs") [Birth Index: Salford 8d 101, 1880 (Sept)]
  3. and possibly others ...

The 1891 Census finds John (5) aged "18" in the household of his aunt Eliza (2) at 1, No. 3 Court, Bedford Street in Salford and occupied as a driller. He has not yet been found conclusively in the 1901 Census.

Francis (3) has not yet been found in the 1891 Census. The 1901 Census finds him aged "20" living as a hairdresser and servant in the household of a hairdresser Samuel Washington at 30, Egerton Street in the Chorlton/Hulme district of South Manchester.