Joseph (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Joseph (1) Stubbs was born to parents William (1) Stubbs and his (presumed second) wife Sarah (nee Cooper). He was christened on November 11th 1781 at Snelston, Derbyshire [IGI: Batch C058951].

For reasons unknown he was living in Nottingham by the time he married. Perhaps it was too hard to make a living in rural Derbyshire at that time, motivating him to seek better prospects in a relatively nearby city. He married Harriet (nee) Reddish on March 17th 1807 at the St. Mary Parish Church in Nottingham [IGI: Batch A455278]. The IGI record spells her name as "Harriott".

The 1841 Census finds them (with Harriet wrongly enumerated as "Charlotte") living in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham where Joseph (1) - with rounded age "55" - was employed as a framework knitter (entered as "F.W.K"), that is, an operator of the standard machines then used for lace-making. Also present was their son John (3).

Harriet died in 1845, just a few months after the marriage of her son Francis (2). Her death certificate [Death Index: Basford 15 335, 1845 (June)] states that she died a "natural death in a fit of apoplexy" (i.e. a stroke) aged 54 on April 11th 1845 in New Basford. She is described as the wife of a lace maker Joseph Stubbs. The informant was the Coroner. The cited age upon death implies she was born around 1791 and was therefore aged only 16 or 17 when she married Joseph (1).

The 1851 Census finds Joseph (1) widowed and living in Chapel Street, New Basford with just his son John (3) and occupied again as a framework knitter. His birthplace is correctly given as Snelston. His age is seriously undercited as "66".

The 1861 Census finds him aged "82" living alone in Chapel Street and still occupied as a framework knitter. His birthplace is here given as Ashbourne, just a few miles from Snelston.

He died from bronchitis on October 12th 1864 at his home in Chapel Street. The informant was an Elizabeth Oxspring whose connection is unknown - she may have been his (married) daughter Eliza. The death certificate [Death Index: Basford 7b 67, 1864 (Dec)] describes him as a framework knitter aged "93". He was actually about 83.

His children by Harriet Reddish

  1. Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs
  2. William (3) Stubbs
  3. Reuben (1) Stubbs
  4. Eliza (1) Stubbs - christened on May 9th 1813 at Arnold, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C045281]
  5. Henry (1) Stubbs - christened on October 13th 1816 at Arnold, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C045281]
  6. Joseph (2) Stubbs
  7. Francis (2) Stubbs
  8. Robert (2) Stubbs
  9. Frances (2) Stubbs - christened on October 5th 1823 (as was Robert (2)) at St. Mary, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C044873]
  10. John (3) Stubbs
  11. and possibly others ...