Joseph (2) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Joseph (2) Stubbs was born to parents Joseph (1) Stubbs and his wife Harriet (nee Reddish). He was christened on September 14th 1819 at St. Mary, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C044873].

The 1841 Census appears to find him at (rounded) age "20" living with several apparently unrelated tradesmen in Savelle [sic - Seville?] Street in the Brightside district of Sheffield where he was occupied as an engineer. The schedule correctly records that he was born outside Yorkshire.

In 1844 he married Sarah (nee) Smith. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Sheffield 22 477, 1844 (Sept)] states that they married at Sheffield Parish Church on August 4th 1844. It describes him as a bachelor aged 25 occupied as an engineer and residing in "Wicker", and her as a spinster aged 24 residing in "Sheffield mon". These placenames may refer to Wickersley - about 7 miles north-east from the centre of Sheffield - and Morthen, lying about two miles south of Wickersley. The certificate names his father as a framework knitter Joseph Stubbs, and hers as a book-keeper John Smith. The witnesses were a John Smith - perhaps her father or a brother - and J. Hudson whose connection is unknown.

Their first child was Emma Eliza (1), born in Sheffield in 1845. Her birth certificate [Birth Index: Sheffield XXII 547, 1845 (Sept)] states that she was born on August 19th 1845 at her parents' address cited as Johnson Street, Brightside Bierlow in Sheffield. Her mother was the informant, and her father was still working as an engineer.

The lives of many of their subsequent children remain to be researched.

In 1849 the family emigrated to America, going first to New York. The record of their sailing [US National Archives and Records Administration: Film M237, Reel 78] was transcribed by Mary Anderegg of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG). The ship was the 1030-ton steamer SS Sarahlands which sailed from Liverpool to the port of New York with 312 passengers. The arrival date was on or soon after May 2nd 1849 and the ship's master was William Thompson of Liverpool. The Stubbs (with their ages) appear on the passenger-list as passengers Nos. 98-100 as follows:

   98 Joseph Stubbs 27  Engineer
   99 Sarah Stubbs   28
 100 Emma Stubbs     4

The family subsequently settled in Aurora, Illinois.

Joseph (2) died in 1891. His obituary states that he was born in Nottingham on August 2nd 1819 and that he died in Aurora on June 16th 1891. His wife Sarah's obituary states that she was born in Sheffield on May 7th 1820 and died in Aurora on September 8th 1899.

His children by Sarah Smith

  1. Eliza Emma (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Sheffield XXII 547, 1845 (Sept)]
  2. Francis Joseph (1) Stubbs - born in Aurora, Illinois on March 29th 1858
  3. and up to seven others ...

The following details (and the above obituary details) were kindly contributed by Janette Catherine Parker (nee Wilson) Holmes, wife of a descendant John Roger Holmes of Joseph (2).

By 1853 Joseph (2) and his family were in Aurora. In 1860 he was granted American citizenship. In March 1873 his daughter Emma Eliza (1) died aged 27 years and 7 months.

Francis Joseph (1) was born in Aurora on March 29th 1858 and died there on June 26th 1923. He married there on May 23rd 1881 to Capitola (nee) Hall, who was born in Prairie City, Kansas in 1858. They produced two twins of whom one was Capitola (1) Stubbs.

Capitola (1) was born in Aurora on April 2nd 1882 and died there in 1966. She married there on January 20th 1903 to Alvin Benjamin Butler. They produced a son Alvin Francis Butler.

Alvin Francis Butler was born in Aurora on September 26th 1903 and died there on September 8th 1966. He married there on February 14th 1923 to Frances Eva Mary (nee) Piakiewicz. She was born in Chicago on April 19th 1902 and died in Aurora on September 16th 1986. They produced a daughter Frances Lydia (nee) Butler.

Frances Lydia married Robert James Holmes, who was born in Aurora on June 15th 1923 and died there on August 25th 1988. They produced a son John Roger Holmes.

John Roger Holmes was born in Aurora on November 26th 1953. He married there on August 26th 1989 to Janette, who was born in Huntington Park, California on January 24th 1964.