Mary Ann (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Mary Ann (1) Stubbs was born in early 1847 in Nottingham to parents Francis (2) Stubbs and his wife Hannah (nee Beech) [Birth Index: Nottingham XV 609, 1847 (March)]. Her birth certificate states that she was born on March 15th 1847 at the home of her parents in Crossland Street, St. Mary Parish in Nottingham. It attests that her father was a baker Francis Stubbs and that her mother was Hannah (nee Beech). She was baptised at St. Philip's Church, Salford on April 6th 1851, together with her brother George Francis (1).

The 1851 Census finds her aged "4" living with her parents at 138, Corporation Street in Salford.

The 1861 Census finds her aged "14" living with her parents at 11, Cross Court, Greengate in Salford and occupied as a doubler in a cotton factory.

She married John Hampson at St. Simon's in Salford on September 12th 1865. The register describes her as a spinster aged 19 and him as a bachelor and clogger aged 21. His father is named as a clogger Henry Hampson and hers as a baker Francis Stubbs. His address is given as Greengate and hers as Cross Court. The witnesses were Richard Berry and Sarah Holden, whose connections are unknown.

In December 1868 John Hampson witnessed the second marriage of Mary Ann (1)'s mother Hannah, to William Gaffin.

Mary Ann (1) produced by John at least one child Francis. Neither she nor John has yet been found in the 1871, 1881 or 1891 Censuses. Repeated and intense efforts have failed to identify them clearly in these or any other sources. It is possible that some family crisis engulfed them shortly after marrying, which could be the explanation of why their infant son was in Hannah's care at the time of the 1871 Census.

The 1901 Census finds Mary Ann (1) widowed and aged "54" - and still bearing the Hampson surname - living in Broughton in the household of her brother William Henry (1). Her occupation was cotton winder.

She has not been found in the 1911 Census.

She may have died aged "71" in 1918 [Death Index: Prestwich 8d 673, 1918 (Dec)].

Her children by John Hampson

  1. Francis Hampson - [Birth Index: Salford 8d 127, 1870 (Sept)]
  2. and possibly others ...

The 1871 Census finds Francis aged "6 months" living at 30, Deal Street, Salford in the household of his grandmother Hannah. His parents were not present. He died later that year aged "1" [Death Index: Salford 8d 53, 1871 (Sept)].