Reuben Alfred (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Reuben Alfred (1) Stubbs was born on June 24th 1853 at Wirksworth, Derbyshire to parents Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs and his wife Mary Ann (nee Empson) [Birth Index: Belper 7b 393, 1853 (Sept)]. He was christened at Wirksworth in Derbyshire on July 24th 1853 [IGI: Batch 7009130].

The 1861 Census finds him aged "7" living with his parents at 94, Commission Street in Great Bolton, Lancashire.

The 1871 Census finds him aged "16" living at 311, Horton Lane in Horton, Bradford in the household of his brother Horatio Thomas (1), together with his other brothers William Henry (3) and James Armitage (1). He is described as a draper's apprentice.

On June 6th 1877 he married Mary Hessay [Marriage Index: Leeds 9b 509, 1877 (June)]. She was born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1856 [Birth Index: Bradford Yk. 9b 132, 1856 (Sept)].

The 1881 Census finds them with the first two children listed below living at 31, New Briggate in Leeds. His age is given as "28", his birthplace as Wirksworth and his occupation as stuff merchant.

The 1891 Census finds them with seven children living at 46, Sholebroke Avenue in Potter Newton, Leeds. His age is given as "37" and his occupation as draper. Also in the household was a widowed monthly nurse Ann Armitage.

The 1901 Census finds them with nine children living at 54, Hamilton Avenue in Potter Newton, Leeds. His age is given as "47" and his occupation as linen draper (employer). Also in the household was a married monthly nurse Agnes W. Nadin.

On December 19th 1902 The Edinburgh Gazette reported under its heading "Bankrupts from The London Gazette" that Reuben Alfred (1) had been the subject of a Receiving Order, describing him as carrying on business under the style of Stubbs & Co. of 30, Hamilton Avenue in Chapeltown Road and also carrying out business at 36, Land's Lane, both in the city of Leeds, drapers, house furnishers, auctioneers and valuers.

His public bankruptcy examination took place in January 1903 and was reported by the Leeds Mercury on January 28th as follows:

Living on his Creditors
The public examination of Reuben Alfred Stubbs, of 30, Hamilton Avenue, Chapeltown Road, Leeds, carrying on business at 36, Land's Lane, under the style of Stubbs & Co., as traders, furnishers, auctioneers, and valuers, showed that his liabilities amounted to £1,843 18s. 2d., and his assets showed a deficiency of £1,250 17s. He attributed his failure to bad trade, street alterations diverting trade, and depreciation in old stock removed from Guildford Street. Bankrupt stated that he commenced business on May, 1880, at 31, New Briggate, with £300 received under a will, and shortly after he put in £150 advanced by his wife. He carried on several shops simultaneously, and had been in eight shops altogether. The Registrar observed that while bankrupt's profits for two years amounted to £75, his domestic expenditure amounted, roughly, to £700. Bankrupt could give no explanation. The Registrar said that the explanation was that the man shut his eyes, and was perfectly content to go on so long as he could live on his creditors. The examination was adjourned for further accounts.

It is not known how the bankruptcy matter proceeded thereafter.

The 1911 Census finds him with Mary and seven children living at 19, Croft House Lane in Marsh, Huddersfield. His occupation was furniture salesman. The form states that they had produced 13 children of whom two had died.

Reuben Alfred (1) died aged "82" in 1936 [Death Index: Huddersfield 9a 434, 1936 (Dec)]. He appears not to have made a Will.

His children by Mary Hessay

  1. Arthur (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bradford, Y. 9b 120, 1878 (March)]
  2. Edmund (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bradford, Y. 9b 100, 1879 (Dec)]
  3. Margaret (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 530, 1881 (Sept)]
  4. Charles (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 488, 1883 (Dec)]
  5. Elsie (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 526, 1884 (Dec)]
  6. Mary Ethel (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 553, 1886 (Dec)]
  7. William (6) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 550, 1888 (Sept)]
  8. Emily (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 563, 1891 (Dec)]
  9. Harry Bertram (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: N. Bierley 9b 200, 1893 (March)]
  10. Frank (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: N. Bierley 9b 209, 1894 (June)]
  11. Doris May (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: N. Bierley 9b 198, 1896 (March)]
  12. Nora (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 583, 1901 (June)]
  13. and one other, name unknown ...

Harry (1), Frank (1) and Doris May (1) were born in Shipley near Bradford, situated within the North Bierley district established in 1892. Nora (1) was born in Leeds.