Robert (2) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Robert (2) Stubbs was born to parents Joseph (1) Stubbs and his wife Harriet (nee Reddish). He was christened, jointly with his sister Frances (2), on October 5th 1823 at St. Mary, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C044873].

In 1849 he married Sarah Fox [Marriage Index: Chesterfield 19 445, 1849 (June)]. They married at Bolsover, Derbyshire on April 10th 1849 [IGI: Batch M060973]. The latter record notes that his father's name was Joseph. Sarah was christened to parents Joseph Fox and Mary at Woodhouse on the outskirts of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire on July 4th 1824 [IGI: Batch C059391].

The 1851 Census finds them living with Sarah's father in Glapwell, Derbyshire. Robert (2) was occupied as an agricultural labourer. Joseph Fox, born in Glapwell around 1787-88, was occupied as a wheelwright. Also present was their son Joseph (4) aged "5 months" and born in Glapwell.

Robert (2) died around early 1853 [Death Index: Mansfield 7b 35, 1853 (March)].

The 1861 Census finds Sarah widowed at age "26" and living with her two children in Bolsover, Derbyshire. Also present was her unmarried uncle John Fox, an agricultural labourer aged "69" and also born in Glapwell.

In 1862 Sarah remarried to Edward Clarke [Marriage Index: Mansfield 7b 127, 1862 (Dec)].

The 1871 Census finds Sarah and Edward living with two children in Pleasley parish, Stony Houghton in Derbyshire where Edward was occupied as a hawker.

The 1881 Census again finds Sarah and Edward living with two children in Pleasley where Edward was still occupied as a hawker.

It has not yet been determined where or when Sarah and Edward died.

His children by Sarah Fox

  1. Joseph (4) Stubbs - born at Glapwell [Birth Index: Mansfield 15 534, 1850 (Dec)]
  2. Mary (4) Stubbs - born at Glapwell [Birth Index: Mansfield 7b 47, 1852 (Sept)]

The 1871 Census finds Joseph (4) at age "19" living in the household of a farmer Elizabeth Sanders at a farm house in Duncill Lane, Teversall in Nottinghamshire where he was occupied as a farm servant. The 1881 Census finds him boarding at the "Yorkshire Bridge" Inn at Hathersage, Derbyshire and occupied as a "timber leader", his age entered erroneously as "40". He has not yet been found in the 1891 Census. The 1901 Census finds him at age "47" lodging in the household of a widow Sarah Brunt at "Brenchwood Gate" in Barlow, Derbyshire and occupied as a farm labourer. He appears never to have married. It is not yet known where or when he died.