Sampson (2) Stubbs

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Some of this material on the descendants of Sampson (2) derives from the Stubbs-related genealogy published on this website by Andrew Peel, and appears here by his kind permission.

Brief biography

Sampson (2) Stubbs was born to parents Thomas (1) Stubbs and his wife Dorothy Basket and was christened at Snelston, Derbyshire on February 21st 1773 [IGI: Batch C058951].

He first married Magdalen Tumley on October 31st 1791 at Snelston [IGI: Batch M058953], and by her produced at least one child Thomas (3).

Magdalen was buried at Snelston on April 18th 1797 [Snelston Parish Register].

Sampson (2) subsequently married Ann Pedley at Duffield in Derbyshire on December 23rd 1805 [IGI: Batch M049942], and by her produced at least the four children listed below.

The 1841 Census finds him at (rounded) age "65" living with Ann in Bloom Street, St. Peter parish in Derbyshire - the same street in which their married daughter Sarah (4) was then living - and occupied as a "ship maker".

The 1851 Census finds him aged "75" lodging in the household of his son Samuel (1) in Winnothdale, Cheadle in Staffordshire, with no occupation given for him. He appears to be entered as married, rather than widowed. Ann, if still alive, may have been the Ann Stubbs whom the same census finds aged "70", married, lodging with a Roe household in Snelston and described as receiving a "weekly pay pouch".

He died in 1853 [Death Index: Cheadle 6b 14, 1853 (Dec)]. It is not yet known where or when Ann died.

His children by Magdalen Tumley

  1. Thomas (3) Stubbs - christened at Snelston on September 2nd 1792 [IGI: Batch C058951]
  2. and possibly others ...

His children by Ann Pedley

  1. William (5) Stubbs
  2. Samuel (1) Stubbs - christened at Cauldon, Staffordshire on July 8th 1809 [IGI: Batch C048493]
  3. Sarah (4) Stubbs - christened at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire on October 17th 1814 [IGI: Batch C047951]
  4. John (6) Stubbs - christened at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire on November 19th 1817 [IGI: Batch C047951]
  5. and possibly others ...

Samuel (1) married Sarah James at Uttoxeter on October 24th 1831 [IGI: Batch M047951]. She was born in Cheadle around 1810-11. The 1841 Census finds him at (rounded) age "30" living with Sarah at 1, Major's Barn in Cheadle and occupied as an agricultural labourer. The 1851 Census finds him aged "41" living with Sarah in Winnothdale, Cheadle and occupied as a farmer of 18 acres. His birthplace is entered as Uttoxeter (which lies about 12 miles south of Cauldon). Lodging with him was his father Sampson (2). The 1861 Census finds him aged "50" living with Sarah at Cheadle Common in Cheadle. He was now a farmer of 10 acres and again gave his birthplace as Uttoxeter. The 1871 Census finds him aged "61" living with Sarah at Freehay in Cheadle and occupied as a grocer. Here his birthplace is given as Cauldon. Also present was Sarah's married niece Martha and the latter's daughter Ann. Martha was the daughter of Sarah's sister Ann (nee James) who had married on December 29th 1823 at Cheadle to George Day [IGI: Batch M048521]. Martha was born on December 18th 1836 and christened at the High Street Wesleyan Chapel in Uttoxeter on January 1st 1837 [IGI: Batch C084641]. The 1841 Census finds her aged "4" living with her parents and siblings at Brook Houses in Cheadle. In 1861 she married - as "Martha Jane Day" - to James Harwood at Over Darwen, Lancashire [Marriage Index: Blackburn 8e 510, 1861 (Dec)], and their daughter Ann was soon afterwards born at Over Darwen. It is not known where Martha's husband was living in 1871 but it is suspected that they had permanently separated. The 1881 Census finds Samuel (1) aged "71" living with Sarah back at Cheadle Common and again occupied as a grocer. Martha and Ann were still living with them, both occupied as his assistants. It appears that Samuel (1) and Sarah had never produced any children. Sarah died in 1884 aged "73" [Death Index: Cheadle 6b 218, 1884 (March)]. Samuel (1) died in 1889 aged "79" [Death Index: Cheadle 6b 222, 1889 (March)].

Sarah (4) married Joseph Gent at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire on November 19th 1836 [IGI: Batch M047951], and by him produced at least nine children. The 1841 Census finds the family living in Bloom Street, St. Peter parish in Derbyshire where Joseph was occupied as a cabinet maker. The 1851 Census finds them living at 63, Barratt Street in Manchester. Joseph died during the next decade. The 1861 Census finds Sarah widowed and living with several children in Oldham Road, Newton Heath where she was occupied as an upholsterer. The 1871 Census finds her living with several children at 4, Oldham Road, Newton and evidently unoccupied. She died aged "58" in 1873 [Death Index: Oldham 8d 464, 1873 (March)].

Nothing more is yet known of John (6).