Thomas (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Thomas (1) Stubbs was born to parents John (1) Stubbs and his wife Hannah and was christened at Snelston, Derbyshire on October 5th 1743 [IGI: Batch C058952].

He married Dorothy (nee) Basket at Snelston on October 15th 1765 [IGI: Batch M058951]. Dorothy was christened at Longford - about eight miles south-east of Snelston - on November 4th 1739 of parents Thomas Basket and his wife Elizabeth [IGI: Batch K055493].

They produced at least the nine children listed below.

Thomas (1) was buried at Snelston on September 7th 1779 shortly after the death of his last (known) child, and Dorothy survived him by only a few years - she was buried there on April 28th 1784.

Nothing more is currently known of him.

His children by Dorothy Basket

- all christened at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  1. Rebecca (2) Stubbs - christened on May 28th 1766
  2. Thomas (2) Stubbs
  3. Betty (1) Stubbs - christened on February 25th 1769
  4. Sarah (3) Stubbs - christened on October 7th 1770, buried at Snelston on June 8th 1773
  5. Sampson (1) Stubbs - christened on March 8th 1772, buried at Snelston on March 30th 1772
  6. Sampson (2) Stubbs
  7. William (2) Stubbs - christened on November 13th 1774, buried at Snelston on January 4th 1776
  8. Rebecca (3) Stubbs - christened on June 30th 1776, buried at Snelston on October 11th 1777
  9. Hannah (2) Stubbs - christened on August 24th 1777, buried at Snelston on January 17th 1778
  10. and possibly others ...

Rebecca (2) - named "Beckey" in her IGI christening record - was probably the child "Rebecca daughter of Thomas" who was buried at Snelston on March 5th 1776. Rebecca (3), christened three months later, was thus probably named after her, following custom.

As indicated above, five of the other children died in infancy in rapid succession.