Thomas (2) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Thomas (2) Stubbs was born to parents Thomas (1) Stubbs and his wife Dorothy (nee Basket) and was christened at Snelston, Derbyshire on October 5th 1767 [IGI: Batch C058951].

He married Monica (nee) Harrison) on March 3rd 1794 at Norbury-and-Roston [IGI]. This village lies about two miles south-west of Snelston. Monica was christened there on September 20th 1772 to parents David Harrison and his wife Mary [IGI: Batch C058742]. This record spells her name as "Monike".

They produced at least the five children listed below.

Nothing more is currently known of Thomas (2) or of Monica.

His children by Monica Harrison

- all christened at Norbury-and-Roston [IGI: Batch C058742]
  1. Kitty (1) Stubbs - christened on December 21st 1794
  2. Mary (2) Stubbs - christened on February 19th 1797
  3. David (1) Stubbs - christened on April 29th 1798
  4. Hannah (3) Stubbs - christened on March 29th 1801
  5. Sampson (3) Stubbs - christened on March 24th 1805
  6. and possibly others ...

Nothing more is known of these children.