Walter Empson (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Walter Empson (1) Stubbs was born to parents Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs and his wife Mary Ann (nee Empson). He was born on February 8th 1837 and was christened at the Castle Gate Meeting-Independent chapel in Nottingham on March 26th 1837 [IGI: Batch C058101].

The 1841 Census finds him aged "4" living with his parents in Willoughby Street, Lenton in Nottingham.

The 1851 Census finds him aged "14" living with his parents in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham.

The 1861 Census finds him aged "24" and unmarried, lodging with the family of a lead miner William Barker at West End, Wirksworth in Derbyshire. He was occupied as a cordwainer and gave his birthplace as Carrington in Nottinghamshire, as he did in all subsequent censuses.

He first married in 1861 to Mary Ann Phillips [Marriage Index: Belper 7b 801, 1861 (Dec)] and by her produced the two children listed below, both born in Matlock, Derbyshire.

He subsequently remarried on July 9th 1870 at Ombersley, Worcestershire to Emma Tudge [Marriage Index: Droitwich 6c 539, 1870 (Sept)]. She was born in Ombersley in 1841 [Birth Index: Droitwich 18 220, 1841 (Sept)]. No clear entry in the GRO death index has yet been found to indicate that Mary Ann had meanwhile died.

The 1871 Census finds Walter living with Emma and his two children by Mary Ann living at Bar House (probably signifying a Toll Bar), Bradford Road in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Also in the household was his niece Mary Rilling aged "5" and born in Halshaw, Lancashire. Her precise connection is not yet known. Walter was occupied as a toll collector.

The 1881 Census finds the family with just the next two children listed below, together with Emma's unmarried younger sister Dinah Tudge, living at 31, Bransford Road in Worcester where Walter was occupied as a boot and shoe maker. The schedule also notes that Emma - a seamstress - was at that time "deaf from fever". The two children - presumably Emma's - were born in Matlock Bath and Birmingham, respectively.

The 1891 Census finds the family living at 25, Perdeswell Street in South Claines, Worcester where Walter was occupied as a cordwainer. Emma was no longer noted as being deaf. Only Emma Elizabeth (1) was still with them, and was unemployed. Meanwhile, Minnie (1) was living at 2, Hingham Villas, Droitwich Road in South Claines where she was occupied as a general servant to two elderly ladies.

The 1901 Census finds the family living at 7, Millburn Street in Worcester where Walter was occupied as a shoe repairer. Both daughters, still unmarried, were with them. Emma Elizabeth (1) was again unemployed but Minnie (1) was a dressmaker. Also in the household was a 6-month-old grandson Bertram Vivian (1) Stubbs with birthplace Worcester [Birth Index: Worcester 6c 275, 1900 (Dec)]. He was probably the illegitimate child of Minnie (1).

Emma evidently died aged 64 in 1906 [Death Index: Worcester 6c 159, 1906 (March)]. Walter Empson (1) died aged 70 in 1907 [Death Index: Worcester 6c 133, 1907 (June)].

His children by Mary Ann Phillips

  1. William Henry (4) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bakewell 7b 553, 1862 (Dec)]
  2. Caroline Amelia (2) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bakewell 7b 598, 1865 (June)]
  3. and possibly others ...

William Henry (4) was born in Matlock and was christened at Wirksworth on February 8th 1863 [IGI: Batch J059495]. The 1871 Census finds him living with his father and step-mother. The 1881 Census finds him aged "18" boarding in the household of a gardener George Constance at 8, Back of No. 74, Chester Street in Birmingham where he was occupied as a wood sawyer. Later that year he married Amelia Wankling [Marriage Index: Aston 6d 447, 1881 (Dec) - she is indexed as "Wanklin"]. She was born around early 1862 [Birth Index: Aston 6d 137, 1862 (March)]. The 1891 Census finds them with four daughters living at 33, Albion Road in Yardley, Warwickshire where he was occupied as a circular sawyer. Also present was Amelia's widowed mother Emma aged "72". The 1901 Census finds Amelia, described as married and with no cited occupation, living with eight children at 345, Golden Hillock Road in Yardley. The oldest of these children was an alleged daughter "Jessy" aged "17" who had not been with the family in the previous census. William Henry (4) was not in the household and his location at this time is unknown.

Caroline Amelia (2) was born at Matlock Bridge on June 1st 1865 and was christened at Wirksworth on June 14th 1868 [IGI: Batch K059495]. The 1871 Census finds her living with her father and step-mother. The 1881 Census finds her aged "15" living in the household of her uncle William Phillips in Matlock where she was occupied as a general servant. William, the brother of Mary Ann, had married in 1866 [Marriage Index: Belper 7b 896, 1866 (Dec)] to Sarah Tudge, the sister of Emma Tudge. The 1891 Census finds Caroline Amelia (2) aged "25" living in the household of Frederick Robert Broughton, Rector of Wyddial, in the High Street, Barkway in Hertfordshire where she was occupied as a house and parlour maid. Later that year she married a groom and gardener Robert Pannell [Marriage Index: Royston 3a 681, 1891 (Sept)]. He was born at Sible Hedingham, Essex in 1862 [Birth Index: Halstead 4a 329, 1862 (June)]. The 1901 Census finds them with three children living at Carlton Green in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire.

His children by Emma Tudge

  1. Emma Elizabeth (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bakewell 7b 653, 1873 (March)]
  2. Minnie (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Aston 6d 253, 1876 (June)]
  3. and apparently no others ...