William Henry (3) Stubbs

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Brief biography

William Henry (3) Stubbs was born around 1842 in Lenton, Nottinghamshire to parents Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs and his wife Mary Ann (nee Empson). No christening record or GRO birth reference has yet been found for him.

The 1851 Census finds him aged "8" living with his parents in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham.

The 1861 Census finds him aged "18" living at the Ragged School in Garden Lane, Salford where he was occupied as an assistant teacher.

The 1871 Census finds him aged "26" living at 311, Horton Lane in Horton, Bradford in the household of his brother Horatio Thomas (1), together with his other brothers James Armitage (1) and Reuben Alfred (1). His birthplace is given as Lenton in Nottingham. He was apparently not in any occupation at that time.

In 1872 he married Jane Pullen [Marriage Index: Bradford, Y. 9b 303, 1872 (June)]. Jane was born in London around 1852-53.

The 1881 Census finds them, with the first two children listed below, living at 98, Margaret Street in Gorton, Lancashire. William Henry (3)'s age is given as "38", his birthplace as Lenton (misspelt as "Fenton") in Nottinghamshire and his occupation as painter. Also in the household was Jane's brother George Pullen and the latter's wife and child.

William Henry (3) died aged "48" in 1891 [Death Index: Chorlton 8c 583, 1891 (March)].

His widow Jane has not yet been found in the 1891 Census.

Jane died aged "42" in 1895 [Death Index: Manchester 8d 179, 1895 (March)].

His children by Jane Pullen

  1. George William Henry (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Bradford, Y. 9b 11, 1873 (March)]
  2. Mary Jane Eliza (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Leeds 9b 545, 1875 (Sept)]
  3. and possibly others ...

Supplementary Notes

The history of William Henry (3)'s family has been independently researched and documented at this website, which provides the following additional findings.

The marriage certificate of William Henry (3) describes him as aged "29", occupied as a hatter and residing (as was Jane) at 36, Hardy Street in Bowling, Bradford; the marriage took place on May 5th 1872; the witnesses were George Thomas and Robert Walter.

He was at this same address when he served as informant of the death of his mother Mary Ann on June 21st 1872.

He was living at New Road Side, Wike, Cleckheaton in Yorkshire and was occupied as a railway porter when his son George William Henry (1) was born on March 20th 1873.

He died on March 18th 1891 at 39, Ainsworth Street, West Gorton; his former occupation was house painter journeyman; the cause of death was tuberculosis and the informant, present at the death, was his daughter Mary Jane Eliza (1).

His son George William Henry (1) married Florrie Belton on October 29th 1902.