William (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

William (1) Stubbs is suspected to have been born to parents John (1) Stubbs and his wife Hannah, probably around 1725-35 in Cheshire, Staffordshire or Derbyshire.

He appears to have first married Mary (nee) Taylor) on February 13th 1758 at Parwich, about eight miles north of Ashbourne in Derbyshire [IGI: Film 184312]. This marriage produced at least the three children listed below.

He is known to have married Sarah (nee) Cooper in 1772. So, if he had indeed been married before to Mary then she must have died not long after the birth of her child Matthew (1). William (1) and Sarah married by licence on March 20th 1772 in Snelston [Snelston Parish Register / IGI: Batch M058951]. They produced at least the six children listed below.

It is not yet known when or where William (1) or Sarah died, although the Snelston registers record the burial of a Sarah Stubbs (age not cited) on April 12th 1803.

His children by Mary Taylor

  1. Sarah (1) Stubbs - christened on September 6th 1758 at Parwich
  2. Mary (1) Stubbs - christened on July 6th 1766 at Snelston
  3. Matthew (1) Stubbs - christened [as "Mathew"] on March 12th 1769 at Snelston
  4. and possibly others ...

Mary (1) married John Prestbury on February 8th 1785 at Snelston [IGI: Batch M058951].

His children by Sarah Cooper

  1. Edward (1) Stubbs - christened on January 16th 1774 at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  2. Hannah (1) Stubbs - christened on May 15th 1775 at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  3. Frances (1) Stubbs - christened on July 8th 1777 at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  4. Sarah (2) Stubbs - christened on November 22nd 1778 at Saint Oswald, Ashbourne [IGI: Batch C139092]
  5. Robert (1) Stubbs - christened on July 4th 1779 at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  6. Joseph (1) Stubbs - christened on November 11th 1781 at Snelston [IGI: Batch C058951]
  7. and possibly others ...

Robert (1) married a Mary (nee) Brown at Saint Alkmund in Derby on January 1st 1800 [IGI: Batch M055378].