Albert Henry (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Albert Henry (2) Woodhurst was born in Concord, Jackson Co., Michigan on September 29th 1942 to parents Walter (1) Woodhurst and his second wife Lucille Chase.

A relative reports that he first married Patricia Ann (nee?) Chamberlain by whom he produced a daughter named Deborah Kay (his only child); that he remarried to a woman already having a daughter, and then remarried again to a woman named Grace A. already having two sons. Grace was born around 1944.

He died on January 11th 1978 [Michigan Death Index 1971-96]. He had been residing at Wyoming, Kent Co., Michigan. His Social Security Number was 364-42-8879 and his abode when receiving last benefit was 49509 Grand Rapids in Kent Co. [American Social Security Death Index].

His child by Patricia Ann Chamberlain

  1. Deborah ("Debbie") Kay Woodhurst

Deborah Kay married in Carroll Co., Virginia on August 27th 1985 to John Dallas Liby. The marriage certificate describes her as aged "23", born in July 1st 1962 in Michigan and residing at 619, Swains Lake Drive in Concord, Jackson Co. He is described as divorced, aged "35", born on June 21st 1950 in Michigan and residing at the same address. This was his third marriage.

His children by his second wife

  1. there were none ...

His children by Grace A. ... (nee?)

  1. there were none ...