Alfred Ernest Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Alfred Ernest Woodhurst was born in 1908 to parents Alfred George Woodhurst and his wife Lilian Maud (nee) Joyce. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 378, 1908 (Sept)].

He married at St. James, Forest Gate on October 4th 1930 to Emily Florence Candler. The GRO reference is [Marriage Index: W. Ham 4a 109, 1930 (Dec)]. Their marriage certificate gives their place of residence as 43, Tower Hamlets Road in Forest Gate. Alfred Ernest was occupied as a postman at Forest Gate Post Office.

Emily Florence was born at 57, Carpenters Road in Stratford of parents Herbert James Candler and Caroline Elizabeth (nee) Day, who married at St. Thomas Parish Church in West Ham - their marriage certificate states that Herbert James was then residing at 73, Station Street in Stratford and Caroline Elizabeth at 43, Carpenters Road [descendant's report].

In the 1939-45 War Alfred Ernest served in Indonesia as Bombardier 6014257 in the 241 Battery of the 77 H.A.A. Regiment. In Java he was taken prisoner by the Japanese and was transferred to Ambon in May 1943. He died there on October 5th 1943 at age 35 and was buried in Galala. He is commemorated on the memorial at the Ambon War Cemetery. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission supplies further details about him.

In 1966 Emily Florence emigrated with her son's family to Australia. She died there, at Killarney Vale in New South Wales, on September 6th 1996.

His child by Emily Florence Candler

  1. Alfred James Alan Woodhurst