Alfred Thomas (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Alfred Thomas (2) Woodhurst was born in 1873 at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk to parents Alfred Thomas (1) Woodhurst and his wife Frances Jane Clarke [Birth Index: Bury St. Edmonds 4a 499, 1873 (Dec)].

The 1881 Census finds him living with his parents at the Coach House Rooms in High Baxter Street, Bury St. Edmunds.

The 1891 Census finds him at age "17" living with his parents at 21, Meat Market in St. James Parish, Bury St. Edmunds. He was occupied as a clothier's assistant.

He married Amy Matilda Tooth at Leicester in 1901 [Marriage Index: Leicester 7a 307, 1901 (March)]. She was born in Liverpool in 1882 [Birth Index: Toxteth Park 8b 205, 1882 (Sept)].

The 1901 Census finds them boarding at 58, Southgate Street in St. Mary Parish, Leicester in the household of a grocer Frank Wood. Alfred Thomas (2) was occupied as a clothier's assistant.

The 1911 Census finds Alfred Thomas (2) - but not Amy Matilda - in the household of his married sister Minnie (1) at 12, Princess Road in Kilburn and occupied as a tailor's assistant.

Amy's life after 1901 is a mystery, but it seems clear that she had left her husband. She makes a solitary appearance in the Electoral Register for Camden in 1918, named in full as "Amy Matilda Woodhurst" living at 28, Kentish Town Road. Several other persons were listed at the same address but none having any discernible connection to her.

She died in 1920 aged "39" [Death Index: Pancras 1b 84, 1920 (Dec)]. The Register of Deaths for St. Pancras South Infirmary names her as "Amy Woodhurst alias Silver" and states that she had been admitted there on February 25th 1920, having previously been in University College Hospital. Her residential address is given as 28, Kentish Town Road. Her age is given here as "37", the cause of death as cerebral haemorrhage and the date of death as October 29th. The record notes that she was buried by "Friends", presumed to refer to Quakers. She was buried on November 3rd at the St Pancras Parish Chapel, Camden.

Alfred Thomas (2) has not been found in the National Register for England and Wales 1939.

He died aged "74" in 1948 [Death Index: Colchester 4a 454, 1948 (June)].

His children by Amy Matilda Tooth

  1. Alfred Thomas (3) Woodhurst
  2. Amy Winifred Woodhurst
  3. and possibly ... Minnie (2) Woodhurst
  4. and possibly others ...

Amy Winifred was born in Leicester in 1903 [Birth Index: Leicester 7a 317, 1903 (Dec)]. She married Sidney E. Taylor in 1924 [Marriage Index: Pancras 1b 195, 1924 (Dec)].

Minnie (2) was born near Liverpool [Birth Index: Wirral 8a 419, 1904 (March)]. It is not yet proven that her father was Alfred Thomas (2). In particular, her birth appears to have followed that of Amy Winifred by significantly less than 9 months. It may be that Minnie (2) was born prematurely in difficult circumstances, and that Amy Matilda had returned to Liverpool to give birth among her own family. Evidence favouring Alfred Thomas (2) being the father is that he had a sister named Minnie. Minnie (2) has not been found in any source following her birth. She may have been assimilated into some other family or she may have died soon after birth but without her death being registered.