Ambrose Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Ambrose Woodhurst was born around 1833 to parents William (1) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth Clements. A christening record for him has not been found.

The 1841 Census finds him at age "8" living with his parents in West Street, West Ham in Essex. This is probably where he was born, as the record states that he was born in that county.

The 1851 Census finds him living with his sister Ellen (1) at 17, Scott Street in Bethnal Green, together with other seemingly unrelated persons. Ellen (1), as the head-of-household, described Ambrose as aged 17 and (like her) occupied as a willow worker, but she entered his birthplace apparently in error as Shoreditch.

The 1861 Census finds him living at 3, Livermore Cottages in Mile End Old Town (Stepney Parish) in the household of a shoe-maker named William Pinder. He is described as a bonnet maker aged 28 with birthplace (apparently in error) Stepney. Livermore Cottages no longer exist as such, but are thought to have been near the former Holy Trinity site at the junction of today's Mile End Road with Cambridge Heath Road (the A107).

The 1871 Census finds him living at 3, Cooperative Terrace in Mile End Old Town, occupied as a hat maker. The location of this terrace, which no longer exists as such, is currently unknown. His age is given as "40" and his birthplace again as Stepney. Also at this address was the same Pinder family, still engaged in shoe-making.

The 1881 Census finds him living as a lodger among the household of a Richard S. Sparks at 80, Harford Street in Mile End Old Town. He is described as unmarried and aged "52" (though he was actually nearer 47) and occupied as a boot maker. He gave his birthplace in error as Chatham in Kent, possibly associating it with his father's origins in that area.

The 1891 Census finds him living in one room at 122, Shandy Street in Mile End Old Town. He is described in error as married. His age is given as "49" whereas he was actually about 57, and he was now occupied as a brush maker. He may have been working in association with another brush maker Joseph Robinson living very nearby at 152, Grafton Street where his sister Ellen (1) was also living. His birthplace is again given as Chatham.

In January 1895 he was living at 69, Emmott Street, Mile End Old Town, according to the record of Ellen (1)'s admission to the infirmary at that time.

The 1901 Census finds him living alone, and occupying two rooms, at 71, Exmouth Street in Mile End Old Town, working at home "on his own account" as a boot maker. His age is given as "56" whereas he was actually about 67, and his birthplace is again given as Chatham.

He died in 1914. The death certificate [Death Index: Poplar 1c 554, 1914 (June)] describes him as a former shoe maker aged "82" of 17, Manning Street in Limehouse. He died on June 14th 1914 at the Sick Asylum in the Bromley subdistrict of Poplar. Manning Street no longer exists as such and its precise former location is unknown. The cause of death was certified as "(1) enlarged prostate (2) cerebral haemorrhage". The informant was William (2) Woodhurst who registered the death on June 15th, correctly citing his relationship as nephew and his address as 41, Clifden Road in Clapton.