Archie Charles Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Archie Charles Woodhurst was born in Concord, Michigan on August 9th 1904 to parents Walter (1) Woodhurst and his first wife Grace Curtis.

The US 1920 Census finds him living at age "14" with his parents in Pulaski township, Jackson Co., Michigan. His age then was actually 15.

On October 5th 1926 he married in Jackson City to Mabel Elogene (nee) Greening. She was born in Albion, Calhoun Co., Michigan on October 5th 1907 to parents Howard Glen Greening and Edith Estella (nee) Hewitt, who were both born in Branch Co., Michigan. The marriage certificate describes Archie as aged "22" and residing at Concord; Mabel is described as aged "20" and also residing at Concord.

The US 1930 Census finds Archie and Mabel living in Concord where he was occupied as a baker in a bakery.

The US 1940 Census finds them living in Spring Arbor, Jackson Co. where he was now working as a filling station attendant.

Archie's Registration Card issued during WW2 describes him as aged "37", residing in Spring Arbor and employed with the Frost Gear & Forge Co. at the corner of Horton and Tyson Streets.

A Jackson city directory for 1942 lists him as employed with that same company; it gives no residence address for him. A similar directory for 1952 lists him as residing at 128, W. Mason Street. Another for 1957 lists him as residing again in Spring Arbor and working as a grinder involved in crankshaft machinery.

The Political Graveyard website records that he was a Member of the Michigan Prohibition State Central Committee in 1951-53; that in 1952 and 1960 he stood as the Prohibition candidate for the Presidential Elector for Michigan, and in 1958 as the Prohibition candidate for the U.S. Representative from Michigan 2nd District; and that he was roundly defeated in all those elections.

He reportedly remarried in 1960 to Helen Althea (nee) Bates who had been previously married to Clyde Henry Smith.

The American Social Security Death Index (SSDI) and the Michigan Deaths Index (MDI) state that he later resided at Lake Placid, Highlands in Florida and died on July 12th 1972.

The SSDI records that Helen Althea was born on November 2nd 1909 and died on January 4th 1974. It gives her last residence as 49283 Jackson in Jackson Co., and her SSN (issued in Michigan before 1951) as 375-32-9533. The MDI cites her place of residence as Spring Arbor, Jackson Co.

Mabel reportedly died on February 13th 1992.

His children by Mabel Elogene Greening

  1. Lois Evelyn Woodhurst - born at Concord on October 29th 1927
  2. Gail E. Woodhurst - born at Concord on December 2nd 1932

Various Ancestry trees state that Lois married Audrey Elwin "Bradley" Phipps (born October 17th 1928) by whom she produced two children Rodney Elwin (born 1949, died 1973) and Deborah (or "Debra") Suzanne (born 1953). Relatives report that Gail married to Wendell Dennis Collver and the MDI states that she died on August 26th 1985.

His children by Helen Althea Bates

  1. presumed none ...