Arthur Hubert Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Arthur Hubert Woodhurst was born in late 1882 to parents Arthur Alfred (3) Woodhurst and his wife Caroline Cowley [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 528, 1882 (Dec)].

His childhood cannot have been an easy one. He was less than two years old when his mother and newborn sister both died from smallpox. Six years later his father contracted tuberculosis and by the time he was eight years old he had become an orphan.

The 1891 Census finds him at age 8 living as a pupil, with eight others, at what appears to have been a small residential school called "Fairfield" in Tottenham Lane, Hornsey in Edmonton. The head of household was a schoolmaster Thomas Knight. Also there were the latter's wife and four children together with one other teacher, a servant and three boarders. The financial support for Arthur's residing there may have come from other family members or from Parish funds.

The 1901 Census finds him at age 18 living with his grandmother Mary Ann at 17, Courtenay Road in Walthamstow, Essex and occupied as a railway accountant's clerk.

He married Hannah Alice Markquick in 1910. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: W. Ham 4a 362, 1910 (June)] states that they married at St. Stephen's Church in Walthamstow on June 4th 1910. Arthur Hubert is described as a bachelor aged 27 and occupied as a clerk, and Hannah Alice as a spinster aged 26. His father is described as a deceased G.P.O. sorter, and her father as a printer John Christian Markquick. His place of residence is given as 14, Third Avenue and hers as 17, Barclay Road. The witnesses were her father and two other persons E.S. Upton and H.M. Hall whose connections are unknown.

He is presumed to have been the "Arthur Woodhurst" cited in Juanita S. Carey's book "E. W. Bullinger: A Biography" [revised edition 2000] as having written a letter, dated July 5th 1913, to an Elizabeth Dodson; the details of this exchange have not yet been ascertained.

Hannah Alice was born in 1883 [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 492, 1883 (Dec)]. She died aged 63 in 1947 [Death Index: Edmonton 5e 396, 1947 (June)].

Arthur Hubert remarried to May F. Mann - probably a widow - in 1950 [Marriage Index: Romford 5a 1174, 1950 (June)].

He died aged 72 in 1954 [Death Index: Essex S.W. 5a 245, 1954 (March)], and it is suspected that May F. died aged 72 around early 1965 [Death Index: Colchester 4a 726, 1965 (March)].

His children by Hannah Alice Markquick

  1. Millicent R. Woodhurst
  2. Kathleen Olive Woodhurst
  3. Irene A. Woodhurst
  4. Deborah J. Woodhurst
  5. and possibly others ...

His children by May F. Mann

  1. presumed none ...