Bessie Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Bessie Woodhurst was born in 1865 to parents John (5) Woodhurst and his wife Susannah (nee White) [Birth Index: Thanet 2a 745, 1865 (Dec)]. She was christened at Christ Church in Ramsgate, Kent on October 25th 1865 [IGI: Batch I005372]. She was a twin of her brother William Thomas.

The 1871 Census finds her at age "5" living with her parents at Nos. 22 and 24, Harbour Street in Ramsgate.

The 1881 Census finds her living with her parents at 24, Harbour Street in Ramsgate and occupied as an assistant.

The 1891 Census finds her living with her widowed father at the George and Dragon Hotel at 31, Cavendish Street in Ramsgate, still unmarried and occupied as an assistant.

Shortly after this census she married William Bullock Maxted [Marriage Index: Thanet 2a 1474, 1891 (June)]. He was born in Ramsgate in 1865 [Birth Index: Thanet 2a 747, 1865 (Dec)].

The 1901 Census finds her with William and their son William Cyril aged "8" living at 111, High Road, Southgate in Middlesex. William was occupied as a grocer's manager.

Bessie died aged "42" in 1907 [Death Index: Hastings 2b15, 1907 (Sept)].

Her child by William Bullock Maxted

  1. William Cyril Maxted
William Cyril was born at St. Peter's, Kent [Birth Index: Thanet 2a 940, 1892 (June)]. In 1925 he married Dorothy A. Stevens [Marriage Index: Lambeth 1d 682, 1925 (Sept)]. They produced a daughter Beryl D. Maxted [Birth Index: Lambeth 1d 452, 1928 (Sept)]. In 1951 Beryl married Donald William Wood [Marriage Index: Surrey N.E. 5g 1053, 1951 (March)]. Subsequently Beryl and Donald changed their surname from Wood to Woodhurst, for no other reason than that Beryl thought it a nicer name [descendant's report]. In 2002 they were living in Slough, Berkshire. Donald died as "Donald William Woodhurst" in 2003 [Death Index: (15 Mr 1928) Windsor & Maidenhead, 2003 (November)].