Woodhurst Births in California: 1905-1995

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Source: The California Department of Health Services Office of Health Information and Research Vital Statistics Section.

The Birth Records database covers 1905-95 but the Woodhurst births currently contained in it (listed below) span only the narrower interval 1936-82.

NameBirthdateSexMother (maiden)Birthplace (county) 
Bristol M.01/27/1974fFrenchHumboldtdau of Larry Eugene Woodhurst
Clarence R.09/24/1956mClarkLos Angeles 
Daniel R. [also Roy]11/10/1973mRichardsMarin 
Daniel Roy12/31/1943mWilderAlamedason of Jesse Daniel Woodhurst
Daniel Steven01/12/1982mGravesSonoma 
Delores Ann03/12/1940fKeisnerHumboldtdau of Jesse Daniel Woodhurst
Denise L.02/16/1968fHansenHumboldt 
Diane Louise05/17/1955fClarkLos Angeles 
Jack Jean [Gene]05/17/1936mHatfieldHumboldtson of John Virgil Woodhurst
Johnny N.02/28/1952mRaymerHumboldtJohnny N. Woodhurst
Larry Eugene12/24/1947mKeisnerHumboldtson of Barbara (nee Keisner) Woodhurst
Mona Lisa11/14/1950fKeisnerHumboldtdau of Barbara (nee Keisner) Woodhurst
Patricia Ann10/24/1936fWaschauHumboldtdau of Virgil Cecil Woodhurst
Roy S.09/24/1957mRaymerHumboldtRoy Sumner (2) Woodhurst
Susan Marie11/05/1953fClarkLos Angeles 
Vincent Lee01/27/1944mKeisnerHumboldtson of Barbara (nee Keisner) Woodhurst