Woodhurst Deaths in California: 1940-1997

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Source: The California Department of Health Services Office of Health Information and Research Vital Statistics Section.

The Death Records database covers 1940-97 but the Woodhurst deaths currently contained in it (listed below) span only the narrower interval 1948-96. The names of mothers are their maiden names, birthplaces are given only as States and deathplaces only as counties within California. A column identifying the last known place of residence has been omitted because the database held no such details for the persons below.

Alice H.12/22/1918--fCaliforniaContra Costa10/28/1971552-05-3471522nd wife of Jesse Daniel Woodhurst
Charles Grant05/23/1887BarnumWoodhurstmColoradoMarin04/06/1953-65Charles Grant Woodhurst
Diane L.05/17/1955Clark-fCaliforniaLos Angeles08/30/1961-06 
Helen Heywood11/24/1889SmithHaywoodfMissouriLos Angeles01/04/1958534-12-4171681st wife of Ira E. Woodhurst
Iva Marie10/15/1892FarnerFryfColoradoMarin10/30/1948-56wife of Charles Grant Woodhurst
John Virgil09/18/1891 *SlaughterWoodhurstmMissouriAlameda02/26/1959564-05-111367John Virgil Woodhurst
Josephine04/14/1915--fOregonAlameda06/07/1978557-18-900563wife of Virgil Cecil Woodhurst
Robert K.04/03/1918Fry-mUtahSacramento01/05/1996523-10-407377Robert Keith Woodhurst
Virgil C.12/11/1914Hatfield-mOregonStanislaus12/06/1996556-09-556381Virgil Cecil Woodhurst

* database error - the correct date is 11/18/1891