Caroline Agnes Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Caroline Agnes Woodhurst was born around June 17th 1884 to parents Arthur Alfred (3) Woodhurst and his wife Caroline Cowley. The GRO reference to her birth is [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 582, 1884 (June)]. Her mother died just five days later from smallpox.

The smallpox had doubtless already infected Caroline Agnes in utero, since she died from it just three days after it had killed her mother. Her death certificate [Death Index: Hackney 1b 349, 1884 (June)] states that she died when 8 days old at the Small Pox Hospital on June 25th 1884, and describes her as the daughter of a letter sorter Arthur Alfred Woodhurst of 14, Dunlace Road, Lower Clapton. The cause of death was certified as "Variola Discrete - not vaccinated", and the informant was F. Lapham, the Assistant Steward (presumably of the hospital) at South View, Ravensdale Road, Stamford Hill.