Charles Elam Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Charles Elam Woodhurst was born at Middlesbrough, Yorkshire North Riding on September 29th 1910 of parents Thomas Wimble (2) Woodhurst and his third partner Clara Pollon (nee) Elam. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: Middlesbro 9d 568, 1910 (Dec)].

In 1936 he married Jennie Lofthouse. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Middlesbro' 9d 1463, 1936 (Dec)] states that they married at the Middlesbrough Register Office on December 9th 1936. He is described as a bachelor and bookseller's assistant aged 26 residing at 36, Albert Terrace, and she as a spinster and grocer's assistant aged 25 residing at 30, Fackland Street. His father is named in full and described as a (deceased) cycle agent, and her father George Lofthouse is described as a watch maker. The witnesses were his sisters Ivy Lilian and Winifred May, and Jennie's father.

They subsequently divorced, and in 1948 Jennie remarried to John Anderson [Marriage Index: Middlesbro 1b 1509, 1948 (Dec)].

The following year Charles Elam remarried to Margaret Jane (nee Gilhome) Dawson. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Wandsworth 5d 1689, 1949 (March)] states that they married at Wandsworth Register Office on March 15th 1949. Charles Elam is described as "the divorced husband of Jennie Woodhurst formerly Lofthouse (spinster)" and as a news manager aged 38 residing at 46, Fernleigh Avenue in Mapperley, Nottingham. Margaret Jane is described as "the divorced wife of George Allan Dawson" and as an engineer's clerk aged 32 residing at 12, Burntwood Close, Burntwood Lane in Wandsworth. His father is named in full and described as a (deceased) cycle builder, and hers as a retired coal trimmer John Gilhome. The witnesses were Charles Elam's married sister Ivy Lilian and J.S. Gilhome who was possibly Margaret's father.

George Allan Dawson had divorced Margaret in 1947 on the grounds of her adultery with Charles Elam, as reported in The Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette [issue of July 24th 1947].

He died in 1988 [Death Index: Liverpool 0788 36 0382, 1988].

His child by Jennie Lofthouse

  1. Heather E. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Newcastle T. 10b 37, 1937 (Sept)]

His children by Margaret Jane (nee Gilhome) Dawson

  1. currently unknown ...

Jennie's children by John Anderson

  1. currently unknown ...

Margaret Jane's children by George Allan Dawson

  1. there were none ...