Charles Grant Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Charles Grant Woodhurst was born in Colorado in 1887 to Charles John Woodhurst and his wife Sarah Agnes (nee) Barnum. His birthdate is given as May 23rd 1887 in the California Deaths database, which also confirms his mother's maiden name as Barnum.

The US 1900 Census finds him at age "13" living with just his mother and his 7-year-old sister Inez Lucile in Denver City, Arapahoe Co. in Colorado. His (absent) father is described as born in Missouri. His mother is described as born in Ohio in June 1860, aged "39" and married for 18 years, having produced just two children.

He married Evelyn ("Iva") Marie (nee) Fry at Greeley township in Weld Co., Colorado on March 28th 1908. Evelyn Marie was born on October 15th 1892 to parents Alvin Hovey Fry and Amanda Amelia (nee) Farner, and had a sister named Florence Margaruite.

By late 1909 they were living in Utah where their first son was born.

The US 1910 Census finds them living in Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake Co., Utah where Charles was occupied as a draftsman at a mine. Bingham Canyon was a flourishing copper mining town in the earlier part of the 20th century with up to 15,000 residents but was gradually swallowed up by the immense open-cast mining operations there. In the 1970s it ceased altogether to be inhabited and no trace of the town remains today.

Charles' WW1 Draft Registration Card, dated June 5th 1917, confirms his date of birth and gives his occupation as a civil engineer employed by the Utah Copper Company in the McIntyre Building. He claimed exemption from the draft "on account of dependents". He was now living at 750, Browning Avenue in Salt Lake City.

The US 1920 Census finds the family, now with all three children, living at 511, Hawthorne Avenue in Salt Lake City, Charles being described as a draftsman for a mining company.

Soon afterwards they were in Texas. A City Directory for Tyler City in Smith Co. for 1923 shows Charles and Evelyn residing at 312, S. College Avenue and describes him as a civil engineer for the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.

The US 1930 Census finds them back in Colorado, living at 407, Clarkson Street in Denver. All three children were still at home. Charles was a civil engineer working for a steam railroad.

Just three years later they were in Missouri where a City Directory for Kansas City in 1933 finds them living at No. 3317 on the Paseo boulevard, describing Charles as a draftsman working for the Great Lakes Pipeline Company.

The US 1940 Census finds Charles and Evelyn living in West 4th Avenue, Jefferson Co. to the west of Denver. Charles was now an engineer inspector in the building industry.

His WW2 Draft Registration Card, issued in about 1942, gives his address as 431, N. Wahsatch Avenue in Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado. He was working for the engineers C. M. Coff at Camp Carson in Colorado Springs.

The California Deaths database states that Evelyn Marie died on October 30th 1948 in Marin Co., California.

Charles Grant died on April 6th 1953 at San Rafael in the same county and was buried there on April 9th in the Mount Tamalpais Cemetery.

His children by Evelyn Marie Fry

  1. Douglas George Woodhurst
  2. Edythe Maxine Woodhurst
  3. Robert Keith Woodhurst

Edythe was born in Utah on November 10th 1912. She married at Edgewater in Jefferson Co., Colorado on December 31st 1932 to William Purvis. The 1940 Census finds them living at 7711, West 6th Avenue in Denver where William was working as a welder for a lighting company; with them was their son Robert ("Bobbie") W. Purvis. Edythe died in Denver on February 25th 1998.