Christopher Frederick Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Christopher Frederick Woodhurst was born around early 1910 to parents Alfred George Woodhurst and his wife Lilian Maud (nee) Joyce. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 360, 1910 (March)].

He married Constance Eveline Cato by Banns on December 23rd 1933. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Romford 4a 1170, 1933 (Dec)] states that they married at the Parish Church of St. John the Divine in Romford. He is described as a bachelor and window cleaner aged 24, residing at 138, Oakdale Road in Leytonstone. She is described as a spinster and domestic [servant] aged 23, residing at Kings Cote, Forest Road in Romford. His father was a stone-mason's labourer whilst her father, Henry William Cato (deceased), had been an insurance agent. The witnesses were Christopher's future brother-in-law Gilbert Alphonse Allison and Constance's brother Francis ("Frank") Cato.

Constance was born at St. Pancras on December 28th 1909. Her birth certificate states that she was born at her parental address 39, Cartwright Gardens in St. Pancras. Her father Henry, then occupied as a pickles packer, was the informant. Her mother's maiden name was Ellen Singer.

Christopher died on December 10th 1935 at the Great Eastern Hotel in Liverpool Street, London. The death certificate [Death Index: London C. 1c 22, 1935 (Dec)] describes him as a window cleaner aged "26" residing at 36, Leyton Park Road. The cause of death was certified as heart failure due to myocardial degeneration through smallness of the coronary artery, established by post mortem without inquest. The informant was Constance, of the same address. They had been married for just under two years, and had produced no children. Probate was granted to Constance on January 11th 1936, his effects valued at £165.

Constance remarried in 1937 to Leonard William George Humm [Marriage Index: W. Ham 4a 382, 1937 (Sept)]; he was born on May 31st 1910.

The National Register of England and Wales 1939 finds them living at 43, Goodall Road in Leyton; he was occupied as a carriage cleaner for the LNER railway company.

Leonard died aged "85" in 1995 [Death Index: Cambridge B34C 3311B Entry No. 83, 1995 (Oct) - DoB 31MY1910].

Constance died aged "93" on May 31st 2003 [Death Index: Ely E1B 332/1B Entry No. 101, 2003 (June)].

His children by Constance Eveline Cato

  1. there were none

Constance Eveline's children by Leonard William George Humm

  1. Leslie E. Humm - [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 167, 1938 (June)]
  2. Frank Kenneth Humm - [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 27, 1939 (Sept)]
  3. Roger Keith Humm - [Birth Index: Cambridge 4a 361, 1947 (June)]

Leslie E. died in infancy [Death Index: Hampstead 1a 530, 1938 (Sept)].

Roger Keith changed his surname to Hume in later life.