Christopher William Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Christopher William Woodhurst was born in Holborn, London around 1897 to parents William Frederick (2) Woodhurst and his wife Emily Ellen (nee) Head [Birth Index: Holborn 1b 796, 1897 (March)].

The 1901 Census finds him living with his parents at 75, Plume Street in Aston, Warwickshire.

The 1911 Census finds him at age "14" living with his parents at 5, Argyle Street in Nechells, Birmingham and occupied as a driller in a stove works.

He first married Annie Sarah Jane Jones in 1917. The GRO marriage reference [Marriage Index: Aston 6d 750, 1917 (Dec)] cites his first forename as "Charles" - it appears that around this time he preferred to be known by this name.

They produced two known children as listed below.

Annie Sarah Jane died aged "26" in 1923. The death certificate [Death Index: Birmingham 6d 307, 1923 (March)] states that she died on March 21st 1923 at 99, Dudley Road in the All Saints subdistrict of Birmingham. She is described as having resided at 35, Priory Road in Aston, being the wife of "Charles William Woodhurst", a general labourer. The cause of death was certified (apparently without post mortem) as "acute miliary tuberculosis, secondary to tuberculous disease of kidneys - natural causes". Here, "miliary" refers to the spread of small tubercular nodules throughout the body. The informant was Isaac Bradley, the Coroner for Birmingham, following an inquest held on March 23rd, and the death was registered on March 24th.

Her daughter Annie died aged "1" almost immediately afterwards [Death Index: Birmingham 6d 264, 1923 (June)].

Christopher William, now reverting to his correct forename, next married Florence Nellie Clayton in 1929. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Birmingham N. 6d 1520, 1929 (Sept)] states that they married on August 2nd 1929 at the Birmingham North Register Office. He is described as a widower aged "32" occupied as a rubber worker, and she as a spinster aged "29" and also occupied as a rubber worker. He was residing at 9, Charlotte Terrace, Long Acre, Nechells and she at 59, Croydon Road, Erdington - both districts of inner Birmingham. His father is described as a general labourer and hers, Samuel Clayton, as a metal stamper. The witnesses were R.S. Clayton, whose connection is unknown, and F. Woodhurst who may have been Christopher William's sister Florence Ena or his uncle Frederick George.

Florence Nellie may have been related to the Clayton family whom the 1861 Census [PRO Ref: RG9 Piece 143 Folio 6 Pages 6-7] finds living at 6, Boleyn Place in Islington - the address at which William Frederick (2)'s sister Rebecca (1) was born in 1865.

The National Register for England & Wales 1939 finds him with Florence and several children living at 13, Glendon Road in Birmingham. The entry gives his date of birth as February 13th 1897 and his occupation as moulder.

Christopher William died aged "43" in 1940 [Death Index: Birmingham 6d 505, 1940 (Sept)].

Florence Nellie remarried in 1945 to Thomas E. Cutler [Marriage Index: Birmingham 6d 956, 1945 (Dec)].

His children by Annie Sarah Jane Jones

  1. Charles William John Woodhurst
  2. Annie L. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Aston 6d 1076, 1921 (Sept)]

His children by Florence Nellie Clayton

  1. Joyce (1) Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Birmingham N. 6d 814, 1930 (June)]
  2. Roy (1) Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Birmingham N. 6d 715, 1931 (Dec)]
  3. Margaret R. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Birmingham 6d 386, 1934 (Sept)]
  4. Betty F. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Birmingham 6d 456, 1937 (June)]
  5. and possibly others ...

Roy (1) was born on September 30th 1931 and died in August 2001 [Death Index: 30 Se 1931, Birmingham, West Midlands, 08/2001].

Florence Nellie's children by Thomas E. Cutler

  1. probably none ...