Emma Jane Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Emma Jane Woodhurst was born on January 21st 1849 in Faversham, Kent to parents William (4) Woodhurst and his wife Ann (nee Page). Her birth certificate [Birth Index: Faversham 5 189, 1849 (March)] states that she was born at her family's home in Tanner Street. Her mother was the informant and her father was occupied as a brick-maker. She was baptized at Faversham on February 11th 1849 [FHL. Film No. 1786453].

The 1851 Census finds her at age "2" living at 3, Drayson Square in Faversham in the household of William (1) Stevens - his son was James Stevens, the husband of William (4)'s sister Frances (1). Emma Jane is misrendered in the schedule as "Emma L. Woodhust". She is also described in error as his "niece", whereas she was actually the niece of Frances (1) who was then living in the same household.

In 1855 she emigrated with her mother and siblings to America.

She married Charles Atwood Leach of Delmar Junction, Clinton County in Iowa on August 13th 1867 [IGI: Film 2034593]. Descendants report that Charles was born in Franklin County, Vermont on February 28th 1847 to parents Lorin Atwood Leach and his wife Sappho H. (nee) Burtram, who had married on December 18th 1843; that Lorin Atwood, a farmer, was also born in Franklin County, in 1819, and in 1857 moved his family to Kane County, Illinois before moving again to Iowa, first to Jackson County in 1865 and then to Clinton County in 1868; and that they had another son Nelson E. Leach who married Clara (nee) Skinner.

Allegedly, Charles became the President of the Jackson State Savings Bank in Maquoketa, Iowa.

The US 1880 Census finds Emma Jane living with her husband and child in Bloomfield township, Clinton County. Her husband was occupied as a farmer. His parents were also living in the household.

The US 1900 Census finds Emma Jane living with her husband and his mother Sappho in South Fork, Jackson County. Charles was occupied as a landlord.

The US 1920 Census finds Emma Jane and Charles, only, still living in South Fork where he was now occupied as a fire insurance agent.

Charles died aged "81" on May 25th 1928 and was buried on May 28th at Maquoketa [FHL: Film No. 1705293]. It is not known when Emma Jane died.

Her children by Charles Atwood Leach

  1. Helen Loretta Leach
  2. and possibly others ...

Allegedly, Helen Loretta was born at Delmar Junction on January 18th 1871 and married Clarence Lackrider at Maquoketa on January 20th 1891 [from Lawrence Leach of Salem, Massachusetts and some of his descendants, Vol. II, page 103]. Allegedly, she died in Maquoketa on October 31st 1950.