Ena Lucy Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Ena Lucy Woodhurst was born on April 27th 1916 to parents Percy Woodhurst and his wife Lucy Florence (nee) Hooper [Birth Index: W. Derby 8b 1253, 1914 (June)].

In 1927, at age 10, she submitted a short essay to a competition organised by The Labour Woman in which she presented an account of Colchester's streets on a typical Saturday [The Daily Herald, issue of April 8th 1927].

The National Register for England and Wales 1939 finds her living with her family at 1, Recreation Road in Colchester and occupied as a stationer's ledger clerk.

A relative reports that Ena Lucy did not marry and lived in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

In 1943 she had joined the staff at the National Children's Home in Harpenden, where she would have undertaken up to two years of probationary training prior to ordination into the establishment's Sisterhood. In about 1965 she was presented with the 21 Years' Service Badge. She retired after 35 years of service to the NCH, rising to the position of Section Superintendent.

She died in 1981 [Death Index: Colchester 9 1937, 1981 (Sept)].