Ernest Edmund Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Ernest Edmund Woodhurst was born at Ore, East Sussex on January 4th 1879 to parents Thomas Wimble (2) Woodhurst and his first partner Emma Argar [Birth Index: Hastings 2b 15, 1879 (March)].

The 1881 and 1891 Censuses find him living with his parents at North Row in Ore.

The 1901 Census finds him at North Row with his father and step-mother, the latter also named Emma.

The 1905 he was brought before the County Bench, Bexhill, charged with having attempted to hang himself in his bedroom at Ore. On that occasion he had been found, rescued and escorted to a police station, but en route he escaped and made a second suicide attempt by running into a deep pond from which he was then extricated [Bexhill-on-Sea Observer, issue of January 14th 1905]. It was explained in court that his business as a cycle dealer had been causing him worry which, combined with a drinking episode, had led to his suicidal frame of mind. In the ensuing trial, where he pleaded guilty to attempted suicide, it was stated that he had promised to "take the pledge" and that friends at Rye were willing to take care of him. The court bound him over [Sussex Agricultural Express, issue of April 8th 1905].

He evidently gave up the cycle business, since by the time of the 1911 Census he was boarding in Rye and working as a bricklayer's labourer.

He married firstly to Edith M. (née?) Wenham [Marriage Index: Elham 2a 2568, 1916 (June)].

Edith died aged "58" in 1939 [Death Index: Elham 2a 1594, 1939 (June)].

He remarried in 1946 to Grace Violet (née) Maycock [Marriage Index: Folkestone 5b 1302, 1946 (Dec)]. She was born in 1904 [Birth Index: Elham 2a 1175, 1904 (Sept)].

He died around early 1973 [Death Index: Folkestone 5f 1467, 1973 (March)].

Grace Violet died in 1975 [Death Index: Canterbury 16 0416, 1975 (June)]. The latter reference gives her birthdate as September 13th 1903 instead of 1904.

His children by Edith M. Wenham

  1. apparently none ...

His children by Grace Violet Maycock

  1. almost certainly none ...