Ernest William Taylor Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Ernest William Taylor Woodhurst was born illegitimately in 1877 to Ada Susannah Woodhurst. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 547, 1877 (March)] states that he was born on January 12th 1877 at 17, Blanchard Road in Hackney. This was the home of James Cooke Taylor with whom Ada Susannah's mother Susannah was then living as common-law wife. Ada Susannah was also living there, occupied as a laundress. She was the informant. No name or occupation is cited for Ernest's father who is suspected to have been some member of the Taylor family.

Ernest has not been located anywhere in the 1881 Census, perhaps having been discreetly concealed from officialdom.

He was admitted to St. Paul's School in Hackney on March 1st 1882, the register giving his address as 17, Blanchard Road [LMA: LCC/EO/DIV04/STPAU/AD/006].

The 1891 Census finds him living (or at least staying) with his grandmother Susannah at 17, Blanchard Road. He is described as a box-maker aged 14 and his name is cited as simply Ernest William Taylor.

He married Elizabeth Neal in 1896 [Marriage Index: Shoreditch 1c 148, 1896 (Dec)]. She was born in Hackney around 1874.

In 1900, when his son William John (2) was born, the family was living at 15, West Side, London Fields in Hackney and he was occupied as a general labourer.

The 1901 Census finds them living at 30, Trederwen Road in Hackney.

In 1908, when his son Harry (4) was born, he was living at 22, Rushmore Road, Clapton in central Hackney and was still occupied as a general labourer.

In 1910, when his son John (11) died, he was living at 2, Lockhurst Street, Clapton Park in central Hackney and was still occupied as a labourer.

By 1920, when his son Ernest Henry married, he was occupied as an engineer.

By 1931, when his son William John (2) married, he was occupied as a cable foreman.

He died in 1942. The death certificate [Death Index: Edmonton 3a 1319, 1942 (March)] names him as "Ernest Woodhurst or Charles Woodhurst" and describes him as a retired cable manufacturer's foreman aged 65. He died on March 24th 1942 at the North Middlesex County Hospital and the cause was certified as (1a) auricular fibrillation, (1b) myocardial degeneration and (2) embolism of the right femoral artery. The informant was his wife, then residing at 23, Macdonald Road in Friern Barnet. It is not known why or for how long he had used the pseudonym "Charles".

His widow Elizabeth died in Wandsworth in 1955 aged 81 [Death Index: Wandsworth 5d 1004, 1955 (March)].

His children by Elizabeth Neal

  1. Ernest Henry Woodhurst
  2. William John (2) Woodhurst
  3. Harry (4) Woodhurst
  4. John (11) Woodhurst
  5. and possibly others ...