Ernest Henry Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Ernest Henry Woodhurst was born in 1897 to parents Ernest William (Taylor) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Neal. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 619, 1897 (Sept)].

He was admitted to St. Paul's School in Hackney on March 5th 1901, the register giving his date of birth as August 15th 1897 [LMA: LCC/EO/DIV04/STPAU/AD/009].

The 1901 Census finds him living with his parents at 30, Trederwen Road just south of London Fields in Hackney. His future wife Violet Harriet Spencer was meanwhile living with her parents - Samuel Spencer and his wife Jessie - at 1, Dunn's Cottages near Dunn's Place in West Hackney. She was born in Hackney on October 31st 1899 [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 440, 1899 (Dec)].

Ernest Henry married Violet Harriet in 1920. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Hackney 1b 1187, 1920 (Sept)] states that they married at Hackney Parish Church on July 31st 1920. He is described as a bachelor and engineer aged 23 residing at 52, Wellington Road, and she as a spinster and tailoress aged 20 residing at 2, Dunn's Cottages. His father was occupied as an engineer and hers, Samuel Spencer, as a labourer. The witnesses were L. Spencer, whose connection is unknown, and his brother William John (2).

In 1939 the family was living at 3, Mountview Road in Orpington [National Register of England and Wales]. Ernest Henry was occupied as a telephone cable jointer and gave his birth as August 20th 1897, a little different from the date given above.

Ernest Henry died aged 70 in 1968 [Death Index: Bromley 5a 462, 1968 (June)], and Violet Harriet died in 1982 [Death Index: Bromley 11 1231, 1982 (Dec)].

His child by Violet Harriet Spencer

  1. Ernest William Woodhurst [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 839, 1923 (June)]

Ernest William married Betty Eileen Elliott in 1944 [Marriage Index: Bromley 2a 1823, 1944 (June)]. She was born on November 13th 1922. He worked as a surveyor and in the 1960s was a partner in the firm of surveyors "Woodhurst and Morris" in Orpington, Kent. His photograph was published in The Enfield Independent on August 22nd 2002 in connection with the discovery of an early 19th-century well that had suddenly opened up in a garden in Penge. Betty died in 2003 [Death Index: (13 No 1922) Bromley C47 222/1c : 191, 2003 (Dec)].