Estella Florence Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Estella Florence Woodhurst was born in Ralls Co., Missouri on October 20th 1928 to parents Walter Willie Woodhurst and his wife Velma Mae Hopke.

She married Delbert Daniel ("Buck") Heather in Monroe City, Missouri on February 14th 1949. Her brother Guy Walter married Delbert's sister Charlesa.

She died aged "73" at her home in Missouri on June 3rd 2002 and was buried on June 5th at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery in rural Center. She had been residing in Laddonia. Her obituary was published on June 5th 2002 in The Hannibal Courier-Post.

Her children by Delbert Daniel ("Buck") Heather

  1. one son ...
  2. and one daughter ...