Eva Elvira Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Eva Elvira Woodhurst was born in Indiana in the early 1870s to parents Hazard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Margaret Jane Hayden. A descendant's report states that she was born on August 11th 1870 in Richmond, Wayne County, whilst an uncorroborated IGI record gives the year as 1873 and the birthplace as Cartersburg in Hendricks County.

The US 1880 Census finds her living with her parents in Salt River Township, Ralls County, Missouri. Her age is cited there as 7, tending to confirm a birthyear around 1873.

Descendants' reports state the following: she married Jeremiah ("Jerry") Adam Long on September 9th 1891; he was born on December 28th 1868 in Atlas Township, Pike County, Illinois of parents Thomas Ingram Long and Margaret Ann (nee) Sapp; Eva Elvira and Jeremiah produced the children listed below; in his late years Jeremiah lived in a 150-year-old log cabin at the rear of his son Edmond's farm near Louisiana Township in Pike County; Eva Elvira died on January 21st 1949 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri, and Jeremiah died in 1960 in Perry, Ralls County. These details have not yet been independently confirmed.

Her children by Jeremiah ("Jerry") Adam Long

These details derive mostly from descendants' reports:
  1. Olive Long
  2. Lola B. Long - born June 28th 1892
  3. Elmer C. Long - born May 25th 1895
  4. Amanda Irene Long - born 1898
  5. Lillie Dale Long - born March 24th 1900
  6. Love P. Long - born 1906
  7. Edmond S. Long - born 1907
  8. Fred W. Long - born about 1908

An IGI family group record [IGI: Batch T900360] states that Lillie Dale was born on April 24th 1900 in Perry, Ralls County, married James Thurman Young on September 12th 1919 at Curryville in Pike County, Missouri and was buried on July 6th 1957. Another such record [IGI Batch No. not cited] states that James Thurman was born to parents William Price Young and his wife Rosa Lee (nee Williams) and that he was buried on September 14th 1967.

Edmond S. Long married Viola (born in 1913) and produced a daughter Judy.