Frederick (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Frederick (1) Woodhurst was born in 1904 to parents William (8) Woodhurst and his wife Mary Ann (nee Downey). The birth certificate [Birth Index: Southwark 1d 44, 1904 (Sept)] states that he was born on June 13th 1904 at his parents' address 31, Dodson Street in the St. George the Martyr West subdistrict of Southwark. His father's occupation was cabinet maker (journeyman) and his mother - who could not sign her name and cited it only as "Mary" - was the informant.

He was admitted to the Orange Street School in Southwark on October 5th 1909, the register giving his date of birth as June "30th" 1904, probably a mis-hearing of "13th". His address was given as 80 Gravel Lane. He had previously attended the Webber Street School in Southwark. [LMA: LCC/EO/DIV08/ORA/AD/002]

He may at one time have worked as a printer at Fetter Lane in Holborn in London, but at some other time he was living at 48, Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbots near Ware in Hertfordshire [relative's report].

His future wife was Ivy Mary Hunt. Her birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Birmingham 6d 66, 1907 (Sept)], although her death certificate gives her birthdate as January 31st 1907; perhaps there was a delay in her birth registration or perhaps the death certificate is incorrect. She appears to have first married Archibald H. May [Marriage Index: Wandworth 1d 1350, 1925 (Sept)].

Frederick (1) married Ivy Mary in 1955 [Marriage Index: Surrey Mid.E. 5g 474, 1955 (June)]; the GRO index gives her surname as "Hunt or May". She would then have been aged about 48 and so it is unlikely that they produced any children after their marriage.

Ivy Mary died in 1980 [Death Index: (31 Ja 1907) Shepway 16 1574, 1980 (March)].

Frederick (1) died in August 1997. The GRO reference [Death Index: 13 Je 1904, Harlow, Essex, 08/1997] curiously ascribes to him a second forename "William", which does not appear on his birth certificate.

His children by Ivy Mary Hunt

  1. presumed none