Frederick George Stanley Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Frederick George Stanley Woodhurst was born in Tottenham in North London in 1890 to parents William Frederick (2) Woodhurst and his wife Emily Ellen Head. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 371, 1890 (Sept)] states that he was born at his parents' address 8, Mitchley Road in Tottenham on August 16th 1890. His mother was the informant and his father's occupation was general labourer.

The 1891 Census finds him living at that address with his parents, citing his age then as "7 months".

The 1901 Census finds him living with his parents at 75, Plume Street in Aston, Warwickshire.

He was christened as a teenager at Weston-under-Weatherly, Warwickshire on March 22nd 1906, the parish register giving his date of birth inaccurately as "August 17th 1889"; the "Abode" field was given as Elcombe Road in Tottenham, which must have been where his parents were living at the time of his birth instead of (as was actually required) where they were living at the time of his christening.

The 1911 Census finds him at age "20" serving with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment as a drummer at the Budbrooke Barracks in the parish of Hatton Budbrooke, near Warwick.

He married Louisa Smith in 1912 [Marriage Index: Aston 6d 359, 1912 (March)].

In the 1914-18 Great War he served as Private 925 in the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He died on service in Belgium on July 1st 1915 at age 25, and was buried in the Ferme-Olivier Cemetery in Elverdinghe, Ieper. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission supplies further details of his interment.

His widow Louisa remarried to Albert J. Ward in 1927 [Marriage Index: Birmingham N. 6d 795, 1927 (June)]. The National Register for England & Wales 1939 finds them living at 205, Millhouse Road in Birmingham, Albert being employed as a press toolmaker. Her date of birth is given as November 20th 1891.

His children by Louisa Smith

  1. Violet L. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Aston 6d 572, 1912 (June)]
  2. Doris Winifred Woodhurst
  3. and probably no others ...

Violet L. died in infancy around early 1913 [Death Index: Aston 6d 598, 1913 (March)].