Frederick John Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Frederick John Woodhurst was born at Edmonton on August 4th 1911 to parents Frederick George Woodhurst and his wife Maud(e) Julia Dover [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 1341, 1911 (Sept)].

In 1933 he married Florence Blackman [Marriage Index: Hackney 1b 1242, 1933 (Sept)].

Florence was born on November 12th 1909 [Birth Index: Holborn 1b 619, 1909 (Dec)].

He and Florence lived thereafter in the Enfield, Edmonton and Wood Green districts of Essex.

The National Register for England and Wales 1939 finds them living at 46, Exeter Road, Edmonton. He was occupied as a "service" [sic - surface?] layer for Greater London County Council and she was working as a tailoress.

In many of their entries in the Electoral Registers during the 1950s his middle name is given as George instead of John, perhaps owing to some uncertainty on his part as to what it truly was.

In 1964 they were living at 204, Moselle Avenue in Wood Green [Electoral Register].

Frederick died in Cornwall on July 3rd 1973 [Death Index: Stratton 7a 516, 1973 (Sept)]. His entry in the Probate Register gives his address as 204, Moselle Avenue. Administration was granted on November 20th 1973, his effects valued at £15,070. It is not known why he died in Cornwall - perhaps some health issue or accident occurred during a visit there.

Florence died in 1992 [Death Index: (12 No 1909) Southend-on-Sea 9 2953, 1992 (Dec)].

His child by Florence Blackman

  1. Jean D. Woodhurst [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 1002, 1934 (March)]

Jean D. died in infancy [Death Index: Holborn 1b 514, 1934 (June)].