George Alexander Woodhurst

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Brief biography

George Alexander Woodhurst was born to parents William (1) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth Clements. He was christened on June 24th 1821 at St. Paulinus Church in Crayford, Kent [British Vital Records: FHL Film 1469337]. His forenames may have been chosen to reflect those of the two husbands of his presumed aunt Rebecca (2), the second of whom she married in July 1821.

He died in 1839. His death certificate [Death Index: Poplar II 268, 1839 (Sept)] states that he died at 2, Adelaide Cottage in Grundy Street, Poplar on August 8th 1839. He is described as aged 18 and formerly occupied as an ostler. The cause of death was hepatitis. The informant, in attendance at the death, was his brother James (2) of the same address. It may be significant that James (2)'s father-in-law, William Bonner, was occupied as an ostler in 1841. George was buried on August 14th in the churchyard of All Saints in Poplar [All Saints Burial Register].

By the time of the 1841 Census there were no Woodhursts living at 2, Adelaide Cottage, nor any apparently related persons. Grundy Street still exists and lies a little to the north of (and parallel to) today's East India Dock Road. It is less than half a mile east of Copenhagen Place in Limehouse where George's other brother Richard William (1) was living in 1844. Moreover, his sister Eliza (1) married near there in 1844.

Nothing more is currently known of him.