Harry (4) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Harry (4) Woodhurst was born in 1908 to parents Ernest William (Taylor) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Neal. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 416, 1908 (Sept)] states that he was born on May 25th 1908 at his parents' home address 22, Rushmore Road, Clapton in central Hackney. His father was occupied as a general labourer and his mother was the informant. The birth was registered on July 4th 1908.

In 1931 he witnessed the marriage of his brother William John (2).

In 1934 he married Lilian Florence Bodman [Marriage Index: Edmonton 3a 1419, 1934 (March)]. She was born on September 10th 1910 [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 4560, 1910 (Dec)].

In 1950 Lilian remarried to Herbert Arthur Mealing [Marriage Index: Barnet 5a 1314a, 1950 (Dec)]. Herbert was born on June 28th 1903. He died aged "92" in 1996 [Death Index: Ipswich 7471A Reg. No. A17B Entry 61, 1996 (February)]. Lilian died aged "96" in 2006 [Death Index: Ipswich 7471B Reg. No. B39B Entry 218, 2006 (July)].

Meanwhile, Harry (4) had entered into a new partnership with a woman giving her forenames as Minnie Marion, born on October 4th 1918. Electoral Registers show them living together during (at least) the period 1948-1958 at 37, Gyles Park in Great Stanmore, East Harrow. Minnie may have been the mother of Harry (4)'s presumed son Roy Stuart Woodhurst.

Harry (4) died in 1992 [Death Index: Windsor & Maidenhead 19 815, 1992 (February)]; the latter source gives his birthdate in 1908 as May 12th, in disagreement with his birth certificate. Minnie died in 1997 [Death Index: (04 Oc 1918) Windsor & Maidenhead, 1997 (September)].

His children by Lilian Florence Bodman

  1. apparently none ...

His child by ...? (perhaps Minnie Marion?)

  1. Roy Stuart Woodhurst

Roy Stuart was born in Shropshire in 1947 [Birth Index: Ross 9a 132, 1947 (March)]. The GRO Index gives his mother's maiden surname as Richmond, but no birth record has been found for Minnie under that surname. Roy Stuart died aged "9" at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield on June 17th 1956 [Death Index: Edmonton 5e 315, 1956 (Sept)]. He was buried at Great Stanmore on June 21st, the parish Burial Register giving his address as 37, Gyles Park. Administration of his estate was granted on October 29th to Harry (4), described as a company director, Roy's effects being valued at £1578 - an extraordinary sum for a 9-year-old boy.