Henry (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Henry (2) Woodhurst was born around March 1903 to parents William (8) Woodhurst and his wife Mary Ann (nee Downey). No GRO reference has yet been found to his birth.

He died at age 3 months. The death certificate [Death Index: Lambeth 1d 154, 1903 (June)] states that he died at St. Thomas's Hospital on June 13th 1903. He is described as the "son of William Woodhurst, Cabinet Maker Journeyman of Southwark". His mother was the informant and the death was registered on June 15th. The cause of death was certified by a hospital surgeon - A. Mavrogordato, MRCS - as congenital syphilis, bronchitis and convulsions. If Mary Ann was, as it appears, syphilitic, then her surviving offspring were fortunate not to die in infancy the same way as Henry (2).