Irene A. Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Irene A. Woodhurst was born in 1919 to parents Arthur Hubert Woodhurst and his wife Hannah Alice Markquick [Birth Index: Uxbridge 3a 94, 1919 (Sept)].

She married in 1940 to Dennis Arthur Hextall [Marriage Index: Hendon 3a 1856, 1940 (Dec)]. He was born on April 30th 1920 [Birth Index: Hampstead 1a 1270, 1920 (June)], his mother's maiden name being Tarver.

A relative reports that Irene and Dennis lived in Kenya in the 1950s and 1960s before settling in Beckenham, Kent where they ran a model railway shop, and that after Dennis died [Death Index: (30 Ap 1920) Boston 7 1286, 1989 (Apr)] Irene moved to Lincoln.

Her children by Dennis Arthur Hextall

  1. Christine Hextall
  2. Stephanie Jane Hextall
  3. Miles Hextall

Stephanie Jane married into the Ellis surname.