Isabelle Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Isabelle Woodhurst was born around 1861-62 in Indiana to parents Hazard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Margaret Jane Hayden. An unattributed IGI record states that she was born at Cartersburg in Hendricks County.

The US 1870 Census finds her living at age "9" with her parents in Liberty Township, Hendricks County.

She first married John Franklin Taylor. A relative's report states that he was born in New York.

The US 1880 Census finds her already married and "keeping house" at age "19" with her parents in Salt River Township, Ralls County, Missouri. Her husband was not present in the household.

She gave birth to a daughter (unnamed) on September 8th 1883 at Salt River Township [Missouri State Archives: Ralls County Record of Births, Ref. C 5618]. The latter source gives her forename as "Isabella" and states that this child was her second one. Her husband is here named "John F. Taylor"whose occupation was entered as "none that is settled".

She gave birth to another daughter (also unnamed) half a mile north of Perry in Ralls Co. on January 8th 1886. This child is also described as her second one, perhaps suggesting that an earlier child had died. Here her forename is given simply as "Belle" and her husband is named as "Franklin Taylor". His occupation was now given as coal miner and farmer.

The US 1900 Census finds her at age "38" living with four children (those named below) at 211, Willow Street in Mason township, Marion Co., Missouri. Her birthdate is given as March 1862 and the entry states that she had been married for 21 years and had produced 7 children of whom 5 were still living. Her husband was not present. The same census also finds her enumerated in the household of her parents in Mason township and categorised as divorced.

A City Directory for Hannibal, Missouri in 1903 finds her living there at 355, Palmyra Avenue with three children Lula ("Lulu"), Etta May and William Marion; Charles F. was probably also with her but too young to be listed.

On August 15th 1905 Isabelle remarried (as "Belle Taylor") in Missouri to a widower Azariah Clark. The original marriage record states that both of them were living in Perry, Ralls Co.

The US 1910 Census finds her at age "49" living with just Azariah aged "37" in Saline township, Ralls Co. She had produced no further children. Nothing is known of her after this date.

The US 1920 Census finds Azariah at age "45" living alone in Saline township, Ralls Co. and described as single. He evidently died on June 27th 1954 and was buried at the Lick Creek Cemetery in Perry.

Her children by John Franklin Taylor

  1. Lula Taylor - born about 1888
  2. Etta May Taylor - born about 1889
  3. William ("Willie") Marion Taylor - born about 1891
  4. Charles F. Taylor - born about 1894
  5. and three others including two daughters born in 1883 and 1886

The US 1910 Census finds the son Charles, entered as "Charley", at age "16" in the household of Hazard (1) in Salt River township.

Her children by Azariah Clark

  1. there were none ...