James Frank Woodhurst

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Brief biography

James Frank Woodhurst was born on May 19th 1899 to parents William (8) Woodhurst and his wife Mary Ann (nee Downey) [Birth Index: St. Saviour 1d 1, 1899 (Sept)].

The 1901 Census finds him at age 1 living with his parents at 83, Stamford Street in Lambeth.

He married Rosina Ellen Parkins in 1917. The GRO reference is [Marriage Index: Lambeth 1d 558, 1917 (Sept)]. She was born on July 4th 1897 [Birth Index: Lambeth 1d 323, 1897 (Sept)].

A descendant reports that James Frank became a grocer and that in 1947 the Enfield Gazette carried a photograph of him in the doorway of his shop; a little later he was living in Brixton and was then renovating war-damaged buildings for a living; later he moved to Nottingham.

Rosina Ellen died in 1978 [Death Index: Nottingham 8 0675, 1978 (Sept)].

James Frank died in February 1995 [Death Index: 19 My 1899, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, 02/1995] and had been living at 10, Dorket House, Foxhill in Nottingham.

His children by Rosina Ellen Parkins

  1. James (5) Woodhurst
  2. Richard William (6) Woodhurst
  3. Gladys Rosina Woodhurst
  4. Peter J.F. Woodhurst - [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 1195, 1935 (March)]

Peter J.F. died from meningitis around early 1936 [Death Index: Lewisham 1d 1280, 1936 (March)].