James Lawton Norrell

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Brief biography

James Lawton Norrell was born at Abbeville, SC around 1874 of parents Elizabeth (1) Woodhurst and Stephen Elmore Brooks Norrell.

The US 1880 Census finds him at age 6 living with his family in Abbeville.

Around 1894 he married Mecca Childers. He spent the last half of his life in Georgia and was occupied as a harness maker. He died on April 8th 1941 at Gainesville. The Atlanta Constitution published a report on his death of which the following is an extract:

    Gainesville, Ga., April 8 -
    James Lawton Norrell Sr., 69, died yesterday at a local hospital from injuries received Wednesday 
    when struck by an automobile.
    Services will be held at 3 o'clock tomorrow at Hobbs Chapel Methodist church, the Rev. E.L. Lathem
    and Dr. W.J. Jones officiating, with burial in Sardis Cemetery.
    Born in Abbeville, S.C., Mr. Norrell had resided here for 32 years, and was a retired harness maker.
    Surviving are five sons, J.L. Norrell Jr., W.B., W.H., E.N. and P.H. Norrell, all of Gainesville;
    a brother, W.C. Norrell, of Austell; three sisters, Mrs. Susan Ivey, Mrs. Georgia Leston,
    Mrs. Bessie Heubach, all of Atlanta, and nine grandchildren.

The age of "69" reported above may be inaccurate - the 1880 Census record implies that he would have been about 67 in 1941.

Nothing more is currently known of him.

His children by Mecca Childers

  1. J.L. Norrell
  2. W.B. Norrell
  3. W.H. Norrell
  4. E.N. Norrell
  5. P.H. Norrell
  6. and possibly others ...