Jesse Daniel Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Jesse Daniel ("Dan") Woodhurst was born on August 31st 1916 at Heppner, Marrow Co. in Oregon to parents John Virgil Woodhurst and his wife Nora Cecil (nee) Hatfield.

He first married Barbara Isabelle (nee) Keisner at Eureka in Humboldt Co., California on June 15th 1937. Barbara was born at Port Kenyon, Humboldt Co. on May 26th 1921, the daughter of Henry Harrison Keisner and his wife Ester Isabelle (nee) Duncan. In 1940 Jesse and Barbara produced a daughter.

The US 1940 Census finds Jesse and Barbara living in Loleta township, Humboldt Co. where he was occupied in road work under the W.P.A. (Work Projects Administration) scheme. With them was their baby daughter, less than a month old.

In 1956 Jesse was charged in court with "failure to provide" and was sentenced to pay a fine of $250 or else spend 50 days in the Humboldt county jail [Humboldt Standard, February 11th 1956].

Jesse and Barbara subsequently divorced. After separating from Jesse, Barbara produced several further children, conferring upon them the Woodhurst surname. She remarried in Humboldt Co. on January 19th 1960 to Justin W. Saxon.

Jesse produced a son Daniel Roy (1), born in Alameda Co., California on December 31st 1943, by a second partner, Joyce Ruth Wilder.

Jesse later married a woman named Alice H. (maiden name unknown), but they also divorced, filing in late 1962, as reported in the Oakland Tribune for Oakland, California on December 5th 1962.

On December 10th 1965 Jesse applied for a license in Lewis Co., Washington State, to marry a divorcee Martha May Osborn; it was issued on December 14th. He was described in his affidavit as a truck driver residing at 518, Girard Street in Centralia and she as a waitress residing at 1502, Pike Street in Centralia.

Alice H., who had retained her Woodhurst surname, died aged "52" in a hospital at Concord, Contra Costa Co. on October 28th 1971. She had lived in Concord for five months and in the county for ten years, according to an obituary published in the Concord Transcript on November 1st. The American Social Security Death Index states that she had resided variously at Clyde and Concord in the county and that her SSN was 552-05-3471. It gives her birthdate as December 22nd 1915, but the California Deaths Database gives the year as 1918 and says she was aged "52" at death.

On October 7th 1982 Jesse and Martha divorced in Curry Co., Oregon. Martha subsequently remarried.

Barbara died in 1983 and was buried on September 29th at Eureka.

Jesse was still living, at Brookings in Oregon, in mid-2003.

His child by Barbara Isabelle Keisner

  1. Delores Ann Woodhurst

Delores Ann was born at Eureka on March 12th 1940. She married Victor Billy in Humboldt Co. on March 9th 1959. She divorced him in April 1970 and remarried on May 21st 1972 to Darrell J. Hilton.

His child by Joyce Ruth Wilder

  1. Daniel Roy (1) Woodhurst

Daniel Roy (1) was born at Oakland, Alameda Co. on December 31st 1943. He married in about early 1971 to Margaret Ruth Eakins, both described as residing in San Rafael. They separated or divorced in June 1972.

His children by Alice ... (?)

  1. unknown ...

His children by Martha May Osborn

  1. unknown ...

Barbara Isabelle's children by partner(s) unknown

  1. Vincent Lee Woodhurst - born January 27th 1944
  2. Larry Eugene Woodhurst - born December 24th 1947
  3. Mona Lisa Woodhurst - born November 14th 1950

All three above were born in Humboldt Co. Larry Eugene married Sandra Joyce French, born around 1952 to parents Leslie French and his wife Alta May (nee) Schumacher. Alta May was born in Eureka on September 29th 1928 to parents Charles Schumacher and his wife Nancy, and died in Fortuna, California on May 9th 2000. Larry Eugene and Sandra Joyce produced a daughter Bristol M. Woodhurst, born in Humboldt Co. on January 27th 1974.