John (11) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

John (11) Woodhurst was born in 1910 to parents Ernest William (Taylor) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Neal. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 379, 1910 (Dec)].

He died aged 3 months on November 19th 1910. The death certificate [Death Index: Hackney 1b 289, 1910 (Dec)] describes him as the son of "Ernest Woodhurst, a labourer" and states that he died at 2, Lockhurst Street in Clapton Park, Central Hackney - presumably where his parents were then living. The cause of death is certified as convulsions. The informant was Wynn Westcott, the Coroner for the North-Eastern District of London, who registered the death on November 23rd following an inquest. It is not stated that a post mortem was performed.