John Cobbold

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Brief biography

John Cobbold was the father-in-law of Emily Woodhurst and was born in 1864. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Chelmsford 4a 173, 1864 (June)] states that he was born on June 8th 1864 at Boreham near Chelmsford in Essex. His father William Cobbold was occupied as a carman. His mother Sarah Ann (nee Staines) was the informant and registered the birth on June 23rd.

The 1871 Census finds John at age 6 with his parents and five siblings living by the Mill at Boreham.

The 1881 Census finds him at age 16 lodging at 3, Broomfield Road in Springfield, Essex, living among a Burlong household and occupied as a groom.

His future wife was Mary Hobbs. The 1861 Census finds her at age "6" living with her parents John Hobbs and Eliza at 4, Glaucus Street in Bromley-by-Bow. Her father, born in Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire, was occupied as a railway signalman. Eliza was born in Greenstead on the outskirts of Colchester, Essex. The 1871 Census finds Mary at age "16" living with her parents at 1, Tamar Cottage, Lefevre Road in St. Mary Stratford, Bow and occupied as a dressmaker. Her father was still a railway signalman. The 1881 Census finds Mary at age "24" working as a cook at 265, Evering Road in Clapton. Her parents were still at 1, Tamar Cottage and her father was again a railway signalman.

John Cobbold married Mary Hobbs at Hackney Parish Church on March 6th 1886. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Hackney 1b 494, 1886 (March)] describes him as a bachelor and coachman aged 22 residing at Ivy Cottage, Prout Road (in Clapton), and her as a spinster aged 29 residing at 265, Evering Road in Clapton. His father William was a labourer and her father John Hobbs was a signalman. The witnesses were George Hobbs - probably Mary's brother George who was born around 1841 at Brentwood, Essex - and John's sister Clara Ann Cobbold.

The 1891 Census finds John (Cobbold) with Mary and their first two children living at 1, Tylia Road in Lower Clapton, together with Mary's parents both aged "75".

The 1901 Census finds John with Mary and their son Walter George living at 30, Southwold Road in Hackney. John was working as a domestic coachman.

Descendants of Emily report that John and Mary eventually lived in Blackhorse Road in Walthamstow and that John was a tram driver.

William Cobbold was born in Rattlesden, Suffolk around 1832-33 of parents Charles Cobbold and his wife Hannah.

The 1841 Census finds William at age 9 living in Rattlesden with his parents and various siblings. His father Charles was working as an agricultural labourer.

The 1841 Census finds his future wife Sarah Ann Staines at age 6 living in Rettendon, Essex with her parents - Edward and Sarah - and her brothers John and Henry. The Staines family was no longer in Rettendon at the time of the 1851 Census.

The 1851 Census finds him at age 19 occupied as an agricultural labourer and living in Rattlesden with his 60-year-old parents - Charles and Hannah - and his widowed brother Thomas and two nieces. The 1861 Census finds one of these nieces - Christian Anne Cobbold - living at Boreham at age 14 with Levi Cobbold, an older unmarried brother of William.

William married Sarah Ann at the Parish Church of Boreham, Essex on May 1st 1860. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Chelmsford 4a 183, 1860 (June)] describes him as a bachelor and labourer aged 27 residing in Boreham, and her as a spinster aged 26 also residing in Boreham. His father Charles was a labourer as so also was her father Edward. The witnesses were Emma Kimm and Henry Staines, whose connections are unknown.

The 1861 Census finds William occupied as a mill labourer and living with Sarah Ann and two children, Clara Ann and George, in Turnpike Road at Boreham. The entry confirms that he was born in Rattlesden around 1832 and that Sarah Ann was born in Rettendon around 1835.

William's father Charles died at age 71 on December 12th 1864, and his mother Hannah died at age 68 on March 26th 1869 [descendant's report].

The 1871 Census finds William and Sarah Ann living by the Mill at Boreham, his occupation now being a carman. By now they had produced many children, including John now aged 6. However, John's sister Clara Ann was not among the household.

The 1881 Census finds William and Sarah Ann still living at Boreham in a cottage behind the Mill, his occupation now being a miller's carter. Five of their children were living with them.

John's children by Mary Hobbs

  1. Mary Eliza Cobbold
  2. Walter George Cobbold - born in 1889 in Lower Clapton, London
  3. and possibly others ...

Mary Eliza was born in Hackney in 1887 [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 540, 1887 (March)], and died there at age 4 [Death Index: Hackney 1b 326, 1891 (Sept)].

Walter George became the husband of Emily Woodhurst.