June "Louvina" Hatfield Woodhurst

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Brief biography

June "Louvina" Hatfield Woodhurst was born at North Bend township in Coos Co., Oregon on January 18th 1920 to parents John Virgil Woodhurst and his wife Nora Cecil (nee) Hatfield.

Her original birth certificate gives her forenames only as "June Hatfield" and so the additional forename "Louvina" she used in her adulthood appears to have been a later invention. The certificate states that her parents were then residing at 1539, Union Avenue in North Bend and that John Virgil was occupied as a logger.

She does not appear in the US 1920 Census because she was born a little after the official census date of January 1st.

The US 1930 Census finds her living with her parents in Tenth township, San Pablo in Contra Costa Co., California. Here her forenames are entered as "June S.", the "S" possibly being the enumerator's misreading of "L" on the original form.

She married Robert Raymer at Eureka in Humboldt Co., California on February 24th 1938, and produced by him the five children listed below. Robert was born on August 2nd 1920 to parents Guy Nelson Raymer and his wife Lottie Irma (nee) Keisner. He worked as a diesel mechanic and served in the Navy in WW2.

The US 1940 Census finds them living with their first child in Fortuna township, Humboldt Co. where Robert was working as a woodsman in the logging business.

June died in Centralia in Lewis County, Washington on May 30th 1996 and was buried at the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.

Robert died in Centralia on December 4th 2017 and was also buried at the Willamette National Cemetery.

Her children by Robert Raymer

  1. Louvina June Raymer
  2. Carol Jean Raymer
  3. Robert Max Raymer
  4. Jackie Jean Raymer
  5. June Gaye Raymer

Louvina June was born on November 20th 1939 and died in childhood, on February 22nd 1941.

Carol Jean was born on August 28th 1942 and also died in childhood, on January 14th 1943.

June Gaye was born on May 1st 1957 and died from ovarian cancer on October 15th 2015.