Kathleen Olive Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Kathleen Olive Woodhurst was born on September 10th 1913 to parents Arthur Hubert Woodhurst and his wife Hannah Alice Markquick [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 812, 1913 (Dec)].

She married in 1934 to Richard John Trewhela [Marriage Index: Uxbridge 3a 176, 1934 (June)]. He was born on March 11th 1913 [Birth Index: Redruth 5c 291, 1913 (June)], his mother's maiden name being Stephens.

Richard John died in 1990 [Death Index: (11 Mr 1913) Truro 21 583, 1990 (Nov)].

Kathleen Olive died in 1998 [Death Index: (10 Se 1913) Camborne-Redruth Reg. No. D54 Entry 14, 1998 (May)]. Her obituary was published on June 11th 1998 in The West Briton and describes "of Camborne [and] born London".

Her children by Richard John Trewhela

  1. currently unknown ...