Lillian May Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Lillian May Woodhurst was born at Perry in Ralls County in Missouri around 1878 to parents Hazard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Margaret Jane Hayden.

The US 1880 Census finds her living at age '2' with her parents in Salt River Township, Ralls County.

Descendants' reports state the following: she married William Daniel Long on August 24th 1893 in Ralls County; he was born on August 11th 1870 at Atlas in Pike County, Illinois of parents Thomas Ingram Long and Margaret Ann (nee) Sapp. These details have not yet been independently confirmed. William Daniel was the brother of Jeremiah Adam Long who had married Lillian May's sister Eva Elvira two years previously.

Lillian May died on April 22nd 1932. The details below of her descendants were kindly supplied by her great-grand-daughter Valorie Dawn (nee Phillips) Jackson, daughter of Adella May Carlisle.

Her children by William Daniel Long

  1. Lloyd Leo Long - born June 24th 1894 in Bounty, Missouri
  2. Margaret May Long - born October 31st 1896 in Bounty, Missouri
  3. William Hazard Long - born March 21st 1898 in Bounty, Missouri
  4. Olive Edna Long - born May 22nd 1901 in Lake County, Oregon
  5. Jerry Myer Long - born August 18th 1902 in Lake County, Oregon
  6. Dama Pauline Long - born June 10th 1904 in Bounty, Missouri
  7. Emma Leta Long - born March 22nd 1906 in Bounty, Missouri
  8. Everet Gerald Long - born March 13th 1908 in Perry, Missouri
  9. Eva Pearl Long - born March 13th 1908 (also - twin) in Perry, Missouri
  10. Lourien May Long - born November 11th 1910 in Hannibal, Missouri
  11. Essie Fern Long - born October 2nd 1912 in Portage, Indiana

Olive Edna Long married Jess Ely.

Lourien May Long married at Pontiac in Oakland County, Michigan to Clarence Alwyn (1) Carlisle - the son of Clarence Alwyn (3) Carlisle and his wife Della Groves - and produced the four children listed below. She died on November 4th 2003 in Portage, Indiana.

  1. Adella May Carlisle
  2. Clarence Alwyn (2) Carlisle
  3. Robert Wayne Carlisle
  4. Leetta (pronounced "Lee-Etta") Karlene Carlisle