Mary Ann (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Mary Ann (1) Woodhurst was christened at Fairlight on December 21st 1834 to parents James (1) Woodhurst and Sarah (nee) Broadfoot [Parish Register]. An uncorroborated IGI ancestral file gives her date of birth as October 3rd 1834.

She married a carpenter named David Buffam Smith, born around 1832 in Rhode Island. An unsourced IGI patron submission record [IGI: Film 447902] states that the marriage took place on December 28th 1859.

The US 1860 Census find her living in Abbeville, SC with her husband in the home of her mother Sarah and step-father John E. Coumbe(s). The record gives David's first name as "Daniel" but the obituary of his son Henry Alfred confirms that David is correct [researcher's report].

The US 1880 Census finds the family again living in Abbeville, with David still occupied as a carpenter. Living them was Mary Ann (1)'s widowed mother Sarah.

She is understood to have died (or been buried) on March 26th 1909; her obituary states that she arrived in Abbeville, SC from England when she was 7 years old, suggesting the date was around 1841-42 [researcher's report]. However, the date was cited as 1843 by her brother Andrew Jackson in the US 1900 Census.

Her children by David Buffam Smith

  1. William F. Smith - born about 1861 in SC
  2. Charles A. Smith - born about 1863 in SC
  3. May E. Smith - born about 1865 in SC
  4. Sallie E. Smith - born about 1867 in SC
  5. David E. Smith - born about 1869 in SC
  6. Susan E. Smith - born about 1872 in SC
  7. Caroline A. Smith - born about 1874 in SC
  8. Henry Alfred Smith - born about 1877 in SC
  9. and possibly others ...